Being Horse Crazy

My friend loves horses like me. The first time she knew I loved horses she waned to be my friend. But after a while she started to make other friends and started to brag about her and horses. She said that she was the best rider, and she was more horse crazier than me. It has been happening for 2 years.

Everyone always looks at her when a horse or a foal is on a video at school. I just hate it when she gets away with it. She always wears a horse shirt to school and sometimes wears her jodhpurs. She just tries to show off for no reason. She said she had the best brand of riding boots, but when I went to her riding lesson her boots were all dirty and muddy.

Then she went to my riding lesson and when she showed up she brought her grooming kit and was wearing her riding pants and said it wasn't fun when we were done, because she didn't get to ride. But my life has been much better with her! But that is my story!

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