Beautiful Horses

by Rebecca
(Daisy Hill, Maryborough Victoria)

Main Mare: Beauty( Golden Palomino with 4 socks and blaze)
Main Stallion: Strike(Chestnut with blaze)
Bad Mare:Jewel(Fleabitten Gray)
Bad Stallion: Thunder(Dark Bay)
Strikes Sister: Sunny(Buckskin)
Girl: Sally(Brown hair, tanned skin and blue eyes)
Sallys Cousin: Sarah(Blonde hair, pale skin and green eyes)

Hi. My name is Beauty and I am a palomino with four white socks and a blaze. If you haven’t already gathered, I am a horse. I live on cold bricks in a TINY yard with cruel owners that beat you whenever they get the chance. I live at this place with hundreds of horses. Now, I better stop telling you who I am and get ready for my owners to come and give me breakfast. Hide quickly, here they come now.

“I think we should shoot the palomino mare” the man said to the woman next to him. “She’s getting way too skinny and sick”. “I agree with you Herald” the woman agreed. “Do you think tonight is a good time Wendy?” Herald asked. “Yep” Wendy replied. My heart shook with anger and fear. They threw me my apple and walked away. Just as they disappeared around the corner, a girl walked up to my yard. She had brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin.

“Hi girl” she greeted. Then she noticed the state I am in and exclaimed “ Look at the state you’re in”.”I am going to get your owners and buy you off them”. She ran to the house near my yard and after a few knocks she disappeared inside. After a few minutes she walked out with Herald and Wendy. “You sure can buy her Sally” Wendy grinned. “ That’s if you can catch her” Herald laughed. They both then walked off to the house. “Come on girl” Sally whispered.

I stood my ground. “I won’t hurt you” Sally cooed as she opened the gate and walked towards me holding up a sugar lump. My mouth watered as I took tentative steps towards her. She hooked the lead rope on my tatty old rope halter and led me out of the gate wile I gulped down the sugar lump like it was the only food on earth. Sally led me to her ranch and put me in a HUGE paddock full of fresh green grass. “Here you go beautiful girl” she said as she undid my halter. “This is my mares paddock”.

I gave out a loud chuffing sound. “That’s a name for you” she exclaimed. “Beauty. You like it, don’t you girl”. I nodded my head in reply. “You certainly are beautiful and you will be even more beautiful when I feed you up” Sally said happily. She walked towards her farm house with the lead rope in her hand. I let out a happy neigh in her direction, then took off galloping towards the other mares.

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