Barrel racing!!!!!!!!!

by Makenzi

Im not an english rider but I do ride horses!!! I barrel race in tx. and I love it!!!! I've won buckles and halters and all kinds of other stuff!! its fun some girls who ride english should try western. ANd people who ride western DO NOT abuse their horses the horse just like to RUN!!!!!

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by: annaleia

I love barrel racing!

Barrel Racin' <3
by: Sierra

Hey, I'm 13 and I am a Barrel Racer. My family has grown up riding western. I have a 10-yr old buckskin named Mel. I am a blonde cowgirl with big dreams! My fastest run has been 12.4!

barrel racing
by: barrel racing chick

I just now starting to ride horses but i'm really good at barrel racing i get about a 15.7 when i run. I love horse so much I've been around horses my whole life but just now showing and i'm 13.

by: Horse Lover123

I love western but I do English. I want to try Western! :)

by: Megan

I used to barrel race but now I actually show. But not like English only (you can read about it in my horse show story a.k.a My kind of horse showing) But that's so cool.

Have fun!

Barrel Racer
by: A pro rider bout t barrel race


Nothing is better than being a Texan and barrel racing.

I love living in TX!

I Agree
by: Barrel Racer

Barrel Racing is the best!
When I was little I had to do English because thats what my family did, But now that I am older I can choose what I want to do and I tried Barrel Racing for the first time and I loved and now all my Medals and awards from Western are taking over my English!

barrel racing
by: Hannah A.K.A another barrel racing addict!

Your completely right barrel racing in something that everyone should try. i could not live without barrels. running barrels is something i always look forward to!
i got fast horses and also lighting fast times!

*ride hard*
*party long*
*cowgirls unlimted*
*rope it in.*
*run those barrels!*

I Agree
by: Another barrel racer

Barrel racing truly is amazing! couldnt live without it! got a good horse and fast times=] who needs a cowboy!!!!! jk lol everyone LOVES a good cowboy=]]]

Ride em cowgirl!
by: Christina

I ride mostly English, but Western looks sooo cool!

Western riding is great too!
by: Sydney

Hope you don't think my website is just for girls who ride English - it's for ALL girls who love horses! I ride English but this summer went to a camp where we learned some barrel racing. It was fun!! I just love being on a horse, English, Western or bareback! LOL

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