Barrel Racing and Pole Bending - Part 2

by Snip and Stars

Pain shot threw my leg as I hit the first barrel. 'Don't fall! Don't fall!' I thought desperatly but out of the corner of my eye, I saw the barrel falling. Suddenly, the barrel came back and I releized that Snip had just saved the barrel!

'Oh my gosh!' I thought. 'That was amazing!'

I checked Snip up as he started toward the second barrel. He shot around the second barrel, my leg barely grazing it. I felt hot blood running from my knee down my shin.

I kicked Snip as we bounded toward the third barrel. "Whoa!" I whispered and pulled on the reins as we came around the third barrel.

"Go Bella! Go!" Shane, Mom, Dad, and other barrel racers shouted, encouraging me onward. I kicked Snip and leaned foward a little bit, the adrinlaline rushing through my veins. I pulled back on the reins when I heard the faint click as I rushed past the cameras. Snip slowed to a stop and I backed him up and allowed him out of the gate.

I swung off Snip and winced. The barrel had got me on the tender spot on my knee and now, blood was oozing down. I looked down at my leg. My right shin was covered in blood and the hot stinky stuff was slowly staining my jeans.

Snip nickered softly and nudged my shoulder. I slipped the reins over his then lead him around so he could catch his breath. My leg hurt horribly but I was still shocked from Snip saving the first barrel. I wasn't even sure what I had run! And I didn't really care right now.

I limped over to the trailer and slipped Snip's headstall off. He shook and I put the halter on him, favoring my right leg because my knee was throbbing. I fed Snip an oreo right when Shane came running up. He scowled when he saw my bloody jeans.

"All part of barrel racing." I said and Shane shook his head.

"True, little sis. True." He said with a smile.

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