Barn Love

by TheHorseLover

There once was a girl named Alexa and she loved horses... with some conflict...

ALEXA! I said that I needed your help!" Jacob, Alexa's 7-year-old brother, called. "Ugh! What do you need!!" Alexa said annoyed. "I can't reach the cookies!" Her brother explained. "All that whining for a cookie??" Alexa asked him. "Yes! Mom said that I could have one!"

Whatever! She thought as she got the cookies down. After she gave them to him, her mom called her, "Alexa!"

"Coming, Mom!" She called back.

"What do you need?" She asked her mother. "I forgot to tell you but Mrs. Sarah called and said that you should do some more practicing for the competition next week." Mom replied. "Oh." Was Alexa's response. "AND she said that you can practice there today at 2 o'clock." Mom told her.

Alexa had rode her favorite horse, Diamond at Silver Horse Stable. Diamond's show name is Uniquely Diamond because she is a very unique horse.

"Great! Can I ride my bike there today?" Alexa asked. "Yes you can, just be sure to get back as soon as you're done." It was one thirty so Alexa said, "Thanks Mom!" As she ran upstairs to get ready.

Once she was ready, she ran downstairs, found her bike and started riding to the stable. Silver Horse Stable by bike is about eight minutes away from Alexa's house. Once she got there, she looked at her watch and saw that it was 1:50 pm. At least I have some time to go see Diamond alone, Alexa thought as she went to the stable.

When she got there, Alexa found out that she wasn't alone. "Oh hi, Alexa. Looks like you're here early." Said a voice that Alexa knew immediately who it was. "Hi Lindsay," is all that Alexa said. Lindsay gave her a mean look and walked away. "I guess it's just me and you, girl." Alexa said to her sweet, black Quarter horse, Diamond.

Diamond is a black horse with a white strip marking and one half stocking on her front leg.

Then Alexa heard some people coming. It was Natalie and Paige, Alexa's two best friends! "Hey Alexa!" Natalie called to her. "Hi guys! You're here early!" Alexa called back to them. Once they came up to Diamond's stall, Paige asked, "Hey Alexa, do you have a crush on anyone??"

"Yeah! We were just talking about that!" Natalie said. "Uh...No!" Alexa replied. "Oh, we thought that you might like Braydon." Natalie told her. "What?! Why would you think that?!" Alexa blurted out. "Well, he likes horses, you like horses and he is always watching you ride!" Paige explained.

Before Alexa could say anything, Braydon came up to them. "Are you ready for the competition?" He asked Alexa. "Almost." Alexa asked with a fake smile. Ugh. Great. Now they think that I like him. Well,I DON'T! Alexa thought as she went to tack up Diamond.

Soon, they got started with practice and like her friends said, Braydon WAS watching her the whole time.

To be continued... Part 2 coming soon!!

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Aug 10, 2016
Barn Love - Part 5
by: The Author

After Alexa had untacked Diamond, it was time to go home.

"Good job Alexa!!" She looked over and saw Mom. She came up to her and gave her a hug.

"Thanks Mom.. But I couldn't have done it without my loyal horse, Diamond." Alexa replied.

Mom smiled and said, "I'm so proud of you!"

"Are we going home now?" Alexa asked.

"Nope. We're bringing you, Paige, and Natalie to go have ice cream!" Mom answered with excitement. She looked more excited about it than Alexa!

Alexa smiled as Natalie and Paige walked up towards them. "Hey Alexa.. I just wanted to say that I'm not riding anymore.. well, like lessons or competing or anything like that. But I would do some casual horse stuff like trail rides. Just Sayin'." Natalie said.

"Oh. Okay. I guess that's fine. Want to go get ice cream?!" Alexa answered.

"Of course!" Paige said.

"Well, uh! I'm dying out here from the heat!" Natalie said. Then both girls laughed and walked to the car.

Once they got to the ice cream shop...

"Ooh! What flavor should I get?!" Natalie said while looking over every flavor possible.

"I'm getting cookie dough!" Paige said.

"I'm getting mint. What flavor are you getting, Natalie?" Alexa said.

"I think I'll just stick with good ole chocolate." Natalie replied.

After they all got their ice cream, they got back into the car and drove over to Alexa's house for a while.

Once they got into Alexa's room, Paige said, "Wow! Alexa all you have is horse posters in here!"

Then Natalie said, "You have sooo many horse models too! If somebody didn't like horses, this would change their mind! All you have is horse stuff in here!"

Alexa smiled proudly and said, "I love horses! What else can I say?!"

"Actually.. I think that I will keep riding often! You have just inspired me! I'm going to put up every horse thing imaginable in my room!" Natalie said.

"No. I'LL put up every horse thing imaginable in MY room!" Paige said starting a contest on who could have the most horsey room ever.

"I don't know about that one, girls." Alexa said with a smile.

"Oh, and I'm going to start riding too!" Paige said excitedly. Now all of her friends were TRULY horse crazy.

THE END :) Hope you liked "Barn Love"! Thanks for reading it!

Aug 10, 2016
by: BlueRoan

I love your story! It is very well written! And please read my story, "Horse Friendship"! Write part 5! Please! :)

Aug 01, 2016
Barn Love - Part 4
by: The Author

Soon, it was just about time for the competition. Alexa went into the stable to tack Diamond up. Natalie walked in at the same time and said, "Sorry Alexa. When I had an attitude earlier when I didn't answer."

"It's okay, Natalie. You didn't know." Alexa said thoughtfully. "Yeah, but I said it in a kinda mean voice... How's Diamond?" Natalie said changing the subject. "She's doing great! We both have a good chance of winning!" Alexa said.

As the two girls departed, Alexa said, "Good luck!"

"Thanks,you too!" Natalie replied as she walked towards Champion's stall.

Once Alexa was done getting Diamond ready,she said, "Here we go,girl! Let's do it!" She led Diamond outside and saw that the competition had just started.

"Good luck on the competition." Braydon said and startled Alexa. She jumped and turned around.

"Oh, thanks!" She said.

"Oh, sorry if I scared you." Braydon said once he saw her jump.

"It's fine. I'm just focused on the competition right now." Alexa explained.

"Then I should get going now. I'll just be watching in the crowd. See ya!" Braydon said as started walking away.

"Yeah, see you after." Alexa replied. Soon, she heard her name being called.

"Next is Alexa Smith riding Uniquely Diamond!"

"Here we go!" Alexa whispered to Diamond before trotting out into the ring.

They started jumping over the jumps perfectly. Alexa and Diamond almost knocked over one of the polls, but other than that, got an almost perfect score! "We did it,Diamond! God job girl!" Alexa said to Diamond after she mounted off. B

raydon walked up to them and said, "Good job! You're a great rider."

"Thanks, Braydon." Alexa replied with a smile trying to hide her slight blush. Soon, they announced the winners.

"...And in second place is... Alexa riding Uniquely Diamond!" Alexa heard them call. She heard the crowd cheering and Braydon gave her a high five. Natalie came in third.

"Good job Natalie!" Alexa exclaimed as she walked up to them.

"Thanks, you did great too." Natalie replied.

Then Paige came over and said, "You both did an awesome job!" The girls smiled as they walked to the stable together.

Comment for part 5!

Jul 29, 2016
by: The Author

Hey Beckiehorselover! I did read your story and I commented on it too! I loved it! And I'm glad that you like my story! Part 4 will be up soon!!

Jul 22, 2016
Write more!
by: Beckiehorselover

Please write more!! I want to find out what happens!! Maybe read my story too! It is called Midnight the Black Stallion.

Jul 20, 2016
Part 4 please!
by: Sydney at

I like it! What happens next?

Jul 20, 2016
by: The Author

Does ANYONE like this story?? Tell me what you think or I won't write any more! (Because what would be the point?) ~Thanks~

Jul 19, 2016
Barn Love - Part 3
by: TheHorseLover

"What is it?!" Alexa asked once she caught up to Braydon. "It's Champion. He's run off somewhere." He answered. "Why would he run off like that?" Alexa asked him. "It's the new horse, Misty. She's the wildest horse I've ever seen!" Braydon replied.

Soon, they reached the barn, where everyone was riding off in groups to go find Misty. "Mrs. Sarah! Who is my partner?!" Alexa asked when Mrs. Sarah walked out of Diamond's stall. "You will be riding Diamond of course and Braydon is the only one left for your partner." Mrs. Sarah answered. "Okay. But what will we do if we find him?" Alexa asked. "You will tell me. Here is a walkie talkie. Just tell me where you are and I'll get to you." She answered. "Got it!" Braydon said while talking the walkie talkie.

"Why do you get the walkie talkie?!" Alexa asked while mounting onto her horse. "Just because." He replied. Alexa just rolled her eyes as they rode off to find Champion.

"Where would he have gone?!" Alexa said after riding for a while. "No idea! He could be ANYWHERE. And no one has found him yet because they haven't told us." Braydon said. "Well it's been a while, wouldn't someone have found him by now? He can't hide forever you know." Alexa replied. "Uh-oh..." Braydon suddenly said. He looked at his watch then looked at Alexa. "The batteries fell out of the walkie talkie..." He said "WHAT?! Now what are we supposed to do?! I'm supposed to be practicing right now! What if they don't even know we're gone?" Alexa said worriedly. "They'll come and find us, because I have never been over here before. I really don't know where we are!" Braydon told her. "Now what? I hope someone comes looking for us!"Alexa thought as they turned around.

"Maybe we could find our way back? We can't be too far out!" Braydon sad assuredly. "Let's try that,but if we are going out even farther..." Alexa said. "I think we came from behind us." Braydon said. "OF COURSE we did! I just don't know if we made any turns." Alexa explained.

After about 10 minutes...
"Alexa! Braydon! We found Champion a half hour ago!"Called a voice from behind them. "I told you that we may have made a turn!" Alexa said. "Why would you think that?!" Braydon asked.

"Well, whoever is calling in calling from BEHIND US." Alexa explained. "Over here!" Braydon called back. It was Natalie and Mrs. Sarah. "Oh, I'm SO glad we found you two! We were getting worried! Why are you all the way out here?" Mrs. Sarah said as she walked up to them. "The batteries fell out of the walkie talkies." Braydon explained. Then they all rode back to Silver Horse Stables.

"Okay class! We don't have much time to practice for the competition so we will just have to do our best!"Mrs. Sarah said once everyone was ready for practice. Then they started practice. Braydon watched Alexa the entire time too! He cheered her on, which made her blush, but she kept going and did a great job!

"So, what did Misty do to make Champion run off like that?" Alexa asked Natalie once practice was over. "I don't know." Natalie simply replied. "He's your horse! You should know!" Said a voice from behind the two girls. It was Lindsay. "Well,I DON'T!" Natalie replied. "Lindsay stop it! She obviously doesn't know!" Alexa told her. "This is none of your business Alexa!" Lindsay said meanly while walking away. Then Alexa turned to Natalie, but she wasn't there. She looked over to Champion's stall and saw Natalie untacking him.

Alexa sighed and walked to Diamond's stall to untack her. "We're gonna do great at the competition today!" Alexa told Diamond while walking out of her stall.

~To be continued~

Jul 16, 2016
Love it!!
by: Beckiehorselover

I need Part 3!!! I can't wait for it!! Keep up the good work!!!

Jul 16, 2016
Barn Love - Part 2
by: The Author

"You did great today Alexa!"Natalie said as she mounted off her horse. "Thanks, you did good too." Alexa replied. "Paige! Did you see Alexa ride?!" Natalie called to Paige who was sitting on the fence. She jumped down and ran over to them. "Yeah, I did! She did great! But you did awesome too!" Paige said once she got to where they were standing. Then they all walked to the stable together. "Hey, can you guys come to the mall with me later?" Natalie asked once they reached the barn.

"Sure! I'll ask my mom!" Paige agreed. "What about you Alexa?"Natalie asked as she turned to Alexa. "Oh.. I'm.. busy tonight. Sorry." Alexa answered. "The truth is, I really DON'T want to go." Alexa thought as she made it to Diamond's stall. "Well, see you later Alexa!" Natalie said as she walked away. "Bye!" Alexa said as her two friends walked out and left.

"Oh no! I forgot! I am supposed to be home as soon as I'm done but I'm running late from talking to Natalie and Paige! Ugh! Mom is not going to like this." Alexa thought as she started to hurry. "If you need to go, I can take care of Diamond for you." A voice said from behind her. It was Braydon. "Uh..yeah, I do really need to get going. I appreciate it. Thanks! Bye." Alexa said as she hurried out of the barn. Then she grabbed her bike and went away as fast as she could.

Soon, she reached her house. She threw her bike down and ran inside. "Hey Mom!" Alexa said once she got in the house. "Hi Alexa. You're late for dinner." Mom said as she motioned Alexa to the table. Everyone was waiting for her to get home before they ate. Alexa blushed and said, "Sorry I'm late. Thanks for waiting."

"It's alright, honey. You weren't too late. Just try not to be late like this again, okay?" Dad said. "Okay,Dad." Alexa said while sitting down in her seat.

Once everyone was done eating, Alexa went to her room to be by herself. "Me? Like Braydon? No. Well... maybe a LITTLE bit. Okay, I realized that I do like him...quite a lot."She thought as she threw herself onto her bed. She also thought of Natalie and Paige as her mom walked into her room. "Is everything alright?" Mom asked. "Kinda. It's just that I think that Natalie and Paige are growing out of horses." Alexa replied. "Why would you think that?" Mom asked. "Well.. they went to the mall today.. and they now talk about boys a lot. It gets pretty annoying." She answered. "I'm sorry Alexa. But people do change." Mom said thoughtfully. "But how could you STOP loving HORSES?!" Alexa said to her. "I guess they aren't as horse crazy as I thought they were. Only a TRUE horse crazy girl would never stop loving horses!"Alexa thought as her mom left and she soon fell asleep.

The next morning...
"Mom! The competition is so close! Do you think I'm ready?!" Alexa asked. "Well by what Mrs. Sarah told me, you're as ready as you could ever be!" Mom said to her. Then the day went on as usual...

On the day of the competition...
"Today's the day!" Alexa thought as she got out of bed. "Are you ready for the competition Alexa?!!" Jacob asked his sister. "I think so!" Alexa said as they walked to the kitchen table together. Alexa's Mom could see the faltering in her face and whispered to her, "You'll do great! I just know it!" Alexa just smiled. After breakfast, Alexa got ready to go practice for the competition.

"Mom,I'm leaving now, okay?"

"Alright. We'll get there when it starts. Love you! Have a good time."Mom said as Alexa went out the door and biked to Silver Horse Stable. Once she got there,she realized that something was wrong. "Alexa!! We need everyone's help! Come over here!" Braydon called to her as she got off her bike as fast as she could.

To Be Continued! Hope you like it! Comment for part 3! :)

Jul 15, 2016
by: The Author

Sorry about some of the mistakes! And when Alexa has a "thought" I will add quotation marks so it's a bit easier to read. :) Anyway, hope you enjoyed!
Part 2 coming soon! ;)

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