Barbero - Part 1

by Jessica
(South Yorkshire)



The sun gleamed through the gap in Kirsty's bedroom window, waking her. She looked at her clock and realized how early it was, so she rest her head back on the pillow hoping to fall back to sleep.

A few minutes later she still wasn't asleep, so Kirsty went downstairs, hopped onto the couch and briskly searched through the TV channels to find nothing to watch, but then the TV flicked onto a channel named 'horses', Kirsty continued to watch as beautiful palomino stallions appeared in front of her eyes.

So strong and handsome, their manes swiftly blow in the breeze as they gallop through the meadows. Kirsty's eyes widened as the most breathtaking, flea-bitten grey mare lit up the TV screen.

"Woaah!" Her eyes still fixed on the TV.

Seconds later she heard footsteps coming from the stairs, her brother tom walked in and snatched the remote.

"Hey! I was watching that!?" Kirsty yelled, "Its my turn to watch the TV, go find something else to do!" Tom shouted back.

Kirsty ran up stairs angrily, went into the room and slammed the door behind her. She turned to her laptop and turned it on. When it had loaded up, she searched in Google 'Barbero', the screen changed in a flash and came up with a few pages on the flea-bitten grey mare on the TV, "Oh, she's beautiful, I would love to ride a horse like that!"

She researched further into Barbero, 'Barbero wins grand national for the third time in a row!, Barbero is down as the competitive mare pushes herself too hard!'

About an hour later Kirsty decided to go to her friends house, Abbi, who had her own horses and was a huge fan of the magnificent creatures.

"Hey Kirsty, can I help you?" Abbi asked.

"Oh right, I'm just here to ask if you know anything about the racehorse 'Barbero'?" Kirsty replied.

"Barbero! She was only the most famous horse of her generation!, if you want to know more come with me later to the stables, and we can talk to max, he knows a lot of things about that horse, a lot!".

"How come he knows so much?" Kirsty wondered, "He used to work with her, 10 years ago." Abbi responded.

The sun was still shining in 2 hours time, Abbi and jumped into the car and Abbi's mum drove them to the stables.

"Well here we are, what time do you want picking up Abbi?" Her mum asked.

"I'll call you!"

Max was sat in his office sorting out old letters and emails, "Oh hi Abbi!" he called.

"Max! Do you mind if we ask you some questions about Barbero?" asked Abbi.

"Sure I've got nothing better to do."

"What happened to Barbero?" Kirsty questioned Max.

"Ah well, that's a long story, you see, Barbero was the most beautiful and fastest horse from 1960-1978, she didn't loose a race for, for, well years! It was in 1975 when Barbero started to loose weight, a lot of weight, vets didn't know what was wrong with her, she just started to slow down, and didn't look rideable. But her owner was a nasty man who only cared about winning so he continued to race her, Barbero started getting more ill as the months went by, she got so slow, she couldn't win any more. So her owner got angry and left her in a field with poor grass and no hay. As she got older and weaker, Barbero looked half dead, it was then that a passerby called the animal services to come and have a look at the horse's condition. They arrived soon after the call and seized Barbero straight away and took her to get medication. There was nothing they could do for her, she didn't seem any better, so the only choice was to put her out of her misery and put her to sleep. The next day was foggy and dull but Barbero knew some fate was coming to her, people gathered around the beautiful mare including me, tears dripped down our faces, my whole childhood was looking after that horse and it was the last time I would ever see her. Barbero laid down, she knew what was happening and there was nothing she cold do, just give up trying, and she did."

A tear ran down Max's face, "Barbero closed her eyes as the vet gave her the medication to put her to sleep, then her head fell gently as she rested it on the soft grass for the last time, and that was it, that was the last time I saw her. A statue has been placed of course in memory of her."

Max wiped away the tears and started to perk up, "Right then, chop chop! You, Abbi, have to sort your horses out!"

"Wow, Barbero sure lived up to her name," thought Kirsty as she wiped her tears away.

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