Banjo my horse and my horse loving story...How it all started.

by Anneka

Me and banjo at feeding time!

Me and banjo at feeding time!

Hi I'm Anneka! I am a TOATAL horse lover. Here is my story of how i started to love horses!!!

In grade one, I had a little interest in horses. In grade two, I met a person called Freya and we became best friends! She liked horses as much as I did! I kept on asking mum (well begging really) if i could start riding lessons. eventuly i had an idea that maybe i could learn to ride at my friends place. This friend was called Paris. she had some horses and in grade three and late grade two i got to go and learn to ride there! in late grade three mum found a place where you could go to learn riding on the weekend. so we went there and it was fun. I learnt to tack up and every thing! In grade four i leant a fair bit and we went higher up into the more expirienced groups. i made it to about the girls that were around ten to thirteen group and they all could ride well. at the mid of grade five I started to get bored there and i was doing the same old stuff and i wasnt learning anything. so we quit that place at the end of the year and we were finding a new place to go to. eventully we thought of a man named Merve. he used to come to our old riding club and teach an individual while the others went out and did their lesson with the other instructor. But we could only be taught by merv if we had our own horse. Merve found a beuty! His Name was Banjo and he is a sixteen hand high 11 year old warmblood gelding stock horse with (we think) a tad of thouroughbreed and maybe stock horse. we dont know what exactly he is but he isnt a pure breed. so we went down to gympie to check him out and he was good. so in a couple of days my dad went down there and picked him up. Ever since we've had him he has been pretty hard work but i still love doing it. we have been to merve's once because we had to get the horse trailer and get our cars fit to tow one. well it was fun at merve's. We were learning to jump a bit, rein backing and i think i am very lucky and a bit spoiled!

I dont know how my love of horses started but it just came to me. I once had a terriblke fall and ive been a bit scared ever since....i'm getting my spark back and more confident. I am slightly out of the taste of horse RIDING but once i get started real well at merve's i'll be back in no time!

Got to gallop!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 11, 2010
by: Jenifer

Kool! Your horse sounds FAB!!!

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