Bandit Love

by Michele



I started to ride a 24 year old pony almost 2 year's ago to get him in shape for the lessons that were soon to come. So i was only appose to be riding him for 2 weeks , well those 2 weeks passed quick. But then the owner of the barn asked me if i wanted to lease him , but i didn't have the money. So i had to clean tack every time i rode him. Let's tell you about this pony shall we....His name is bandit , he was 24 at the time , he could hardly extend or canter. He did something called the Tranter(mix of cantering and trotting)But it's been a year and 3/4 , and he can extend to the extreme , and canter right. As well as doing western, English, poles and some gaming no and again. He is standing at 13.2h and is a chestnut with a blaze and three white socks. Let's show a picture now!

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