Baked Lays

by Olivia
(New Jersey)

She stepped outside. It was a cold October evening, and the crisp air gently blew against her face. Allie Miller tiptoed against the grass.Every now and then, she turned her head to make sure no one saw the young lady sneaking away to the barn. Allie was in desprate need of a visit with her horse, Baked Lays. Before she knew it she was at the barn door. Gingerly she opened it." CREAK..." She cringed at the sound,fearing some one would see her. " Hey Lays! How are you?" She questioned her. For some reason,she always had a connection with horses. Lays gave Allie a high pitched whinny. Allie laughed. "You know what? We are going to go for a run.Fast." Allie grabbed Baked Lays bridal,popped the bit into her mouth and hopped on bareback."Come on girl, let's go!" and with that,off they went.
They had a flat out gallop for a while and when they reached the Willow trees, she slowed down. She jumped off and sat on her favorite rock, Lays just grazing."We should proably get going Lays,before father finds out.He dosen't think girls should be allowed anywhere around dirt and animals." Lay's ignored her,getting very bored."Let's go girl." she jumped on and just cantered back.Quickly, she untacked Lays and put her back into her stall."Good night girl."she wispered and blew her a kiss.
Sprinting back to the house,she threw the door open and ran to the living room. There,sitting on the couch was her dad.

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