Bailey loves Truffles

by Bailey(nicki)

Our first show

Our first show

hi my name is bailey (nicki) and i am 12 years old and right now own a 14.1/2 hand palomino who is just a gorgeous Quarter pony!!!!!! I love her so much because she has really always been there for me and she is the only one i can trust with my secrets!!!! i ride her english and we are learning to jump right now we can only jump like almost 1 foot i think a little below....and right now only cross rails but soon we will jump a little higher and maybe some new jumps!!!!!

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Nov 18, 2008
Hi Nicki
by: Summer

I love the name Truffles. Is it your pony's barn name or show name(or both)? He looks cute from what I can see. I love riding English too.
Good Luck!

Oct 24, 2008
by: Windcall

Hi Bailey (or is it Nicki?)!

Truffles is SOOOO gorgeous! I hope you won something at your show. I do not have a horse, nor are there any stables nearby, so I do not get to ride horses as much as I would like. However, I "sleep-dream" and daydream, the latter of which contests with my homework ! :-}

Hope to hear more from you! Have you read any of my pages?

Windcall *:-)

Oct 10, 2008
Its me
by: Nicki

hay please come look at me!!!

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