Bad Fall

by Manowar

I am a tween and ride twice a week. I came to my barn on Saturday to practice and my mom said, "Why don't you ride Tucker? He's fat and cute!" I agreed.

Tucker is a welsh pony. I noticed he was getting fast when I rode him. I am proficient enough to canter at my own will and school horses like that.

After I cantered him I decided to jump him over a small 18" cross rail. He jumped it in beautiful form but ran me down to the end of the ring. My riding instructor came to teach me after she saw he was being naughty.

I am the only advanced student that is small enough to ride him. She told me to jump a 2' course and make Tucker jump them. All went well, until he sped up on one line and refused one of the jumps.

For about half an hour, I worked on slowing him down over the line. I still couldn't make him jump it.

Finally I went over it with confidence. He jumped the first one and cantered to the second one and stopped. I whacked him with the crop, I was not going to let him refuse, and he jumped 3' in the air! I lost my balance and fell off right on my hip.

I was really sore for the rest of the weekend, but I rode again on Monday and did great jumping 2' courses on a mare named Lace. Always get back on the horse!

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