Bad day

by Ashley

Blood pounded in my ears as I flew over the blue barrels and the galloped toward the vertical, then my horse swerved to the right and I flew off. I got right back on and redid the whole thing then I went to the high cross pole.

My horse stopped but I was prepared but then he high-jumped over it and galloped off. Lost a stirrup but was still on. We tried it again, he stopped, then he high-jumped over it and I lost both of my stirrups and was still on until we went around the corner. I slid of and hit my head on the stall post. Got a concussion.

All better now and after 1 year I'm jumping about 2ft again. But then I fell off a playset and broke my forearm. I had surgery and now I have a cast. But I'm postponed from the youth charity horse show now and postponed from even riding for a few months.

I still go out and hang out with my horse though, he's a sweetie through all this. His name is Timmy, he's a 13 hand poa pony. I'm ten years old. I can't wait to ride again! I get the cast off in about 6 weeks. Bye

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