by Abbie and Heidi :D <3

I stood there waiting. What for? Fire was acting up under the saddle, skitting sideways and backwards. Urgh. I had been waiting on Bailey and Woody for half an hour! I guess she wanted to make him last after what happened at the games. I still wanted to see Magic because I hadn't seen him since the first hack I had on Fire when he wanted me to know he was alive. Finally Bailey came out. "What took so long!" I shouted "Well I wanted him to look perfect." "Well mount up and we'll get going for once!" We had a great hack but no Magic. I guess he didnt want Bailey to see him.

When we got back to the stables there was a cherry red sports car in the driveway with a double trailer being towed with it. Out stepped Aiden! Also we seen a girl with blonde hair, about my age. Aiden unbolted the trailer and brought down the ramp only to reveal a palamino pony and a piebald pony. The ginger haired girl took the palamino and Aiden took the piebald. "Oh Bailey,Emma. I thought you'd be back later!" said a surprised Aiden. "Yeah well we had to cut it short because a tree fell,blocking the path. Why?" "Well its just we have some new ponies arriving and well..." "Yeah I can see that! And who's that girl? She looks like she's never even seen a horse let alone own one!" "Well that's Carry. She just moved here with her family and her dad got her a pony to make up for all the times they've moved!" "Then who's this guy?" "Oh him? This is Victory." "Who's is he?" "Yours." "WHAT!" "Yeah. I bought him for you." "Oh thanks Aiden!"

I ran to Victory and threw my arms around him. "Here take him to the stall next to yours." I took him to my stable block only to meet Carry. "Oh you must be Carry." I said gloomly. "Yeah. This is my pony Goldie." "Right. Look just to warn you. Me and Bailey have the best ponies here so you better GET WITH IT okay?" "No , it's not okay. Look I have a good pony too." "No you dont. Fire and Victory and Woody are all top trained by famous trainers. Look just be careful okay." "Yeah. Fine. I got it."

"Oh Magic. I wish you could meet Victory. He's all you ever wanted for me. You got him didnt you! Oh thank you Magic! I love you so much!"

This is not true.

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