Back In The Saddle - Part 1

by Amy



I sighed. The painful memories from the past slipped into my head. "Corton! No, please no... Just a little longer till the vet gets here." I heard in my head. Those very words- words I had spoken to my horse- were painful to hear now. It had been a normal day, me riding him put to the lake. But then on the ride back, he somehow fell and I too feel off his back. I didn't know what to do, he wouldn't get up. "Mom! Dad!" I had cried, and they came running down the path. "It's gonna be fine, the vet will come and you can ride Corton again." my father said. The vet showed up. "We have to put him down. He will never heal up." the vet said. I hugged Corton and cried. "Please don't do it Dr. Smith! He'll get'll see." I pleaded. But the vet shook his head. My father told me not to look, and then I heard it. The shot.

"Sienna. Sienna we're here!" I heard. I must have been thinking of the incident so much that I didn't hear my mother. "Oh, um coming." I said, hopping out of the car. It was a bittersweet moment, standing at the entrance of the stables I had boarded Corton at. My mother and I walked into the barn. "Oh Sienna, it's been a long time! You know how to sign in by now, Mrs. Dale." said Faith Jane, the owner of the barn. While my mother signed in, I noticed how busy it was there. I didn't remember the barn being this crowded.

I saw Grace tacking up Rubicon. "Hey Sienna! We missed you at the barn!" Grace said as she smiled and hugged me. "Thanks. Rubicon looks handsome as always." I commented. Grace lifted her saddle off the saddle stand. "Thank you! I groomed him extra nice today." she said. Rubicon was a lovely dun stallion with a long, silky mane and tail. "There's a show today, everyone is busy prettying up their horse." Margret, another old friend of mine, said as she passed by us. Margret had a beautiful Fresian mare named Colette. Everyone there had a horse, except me.

"Today your going to be riding Chance. She's s wonderful mare, you'll see." Faith told me. I nodded, then saw the mare. "She's beautiful." I said. Faith smiled. "She's for sale too. If you ever want another horse.." she paused. "Never mind." Faith quickly said. I swear I heard her say something under her breath, but I didn't bother to ask. After mounting I did some laps around the arena with Chance.

The pattern of her hooves moved in perfect time. I smiled, remembering what it was like to ride a horse. Faith grinned. "I knew you were right for Chance," she told me after the lesson. "You come back tomorrow and ride, okay?" she added. I nodded, and as I got back in the car the painful memories seemed like something in history that no one remembered.

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