Babs Little Suger

by Bandi

In my life I have worked with many different kinds of horses and every one I have known in my life has a very special place in my heart. But Babs Little Suger I think became a piece of my heart.

I acquired her from a man that in truth couldn't care for her anymore. The man used her to guide a blind horse in from pasture everyday. She was already fifteen years old. Out of more respect, I paid a price for her. She wasn't a horse I would have normally acquire for myself and I've done something most wouldn't do.

I acquired her. She was indeed a beautiful fourteen hand high solid black horse. She forged on her right front leg which did also immediately grasp my attention.

However I still brought her home. The man had raised her on calf manner. She was a bit obese and she was a morgan. But out of all her problems she had the best attitude and disposition and manners and heart of any horse I had ever known.

Even so at the time I had no clue why she forged on her right front leg. I knew that whatever the cause her weight wasn't making it any easier. I gradually changed her feed and gave her less than she had been normally been fed. twice a day and plenty of hay. Everyday led her around for about a hour.

She finally came down to her normal weight and so did mine believe it or not. Her colt became glossy black. Her forging got a great deal better. As I began to ride her and spend more and more time with her. I found potential this horse had that was remarkable.

Even though she forged on one leg.
She had the will to want to do all she really knew how to do. She had the most want to in her I had ever seen a horse have. But I would have to limit her to all she so wanted to do. It was as if I had given her a part of her life back that she so missed all them years.

When I first acquired her, She had a look on her face as a worried stressed person would have. But as time passed all that expression left. When she turned seventeen years old I entered a parade with her and had planned on entering it the next year. But one day as we were riding she easily laid down with me upon her. I got off her and got her up and noticed on the leg she forged , she had horrible limp. I knew right then it was all over.

After all them years . The answer to that leg was finally answered. She had bowed a tendon that had been bowed before I got her, and now it had bowed again. I put her out to pasture and everyday I massaged that leg for her. Even though I knew she could never be rode again.

As weeks past that look in her face came back. I even began to get that look on my face as well. A friend knew it was breaking my heart. So he took her and put her in his big huge pasture for her final days and there she did spend the rest of her final days. That little horse help me see more through a horse's eyes than I had ever seen before.

She would have given me her all and died doing it, if I would have let her do it. Babs little Suger has passed on but her memory will live forever.

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