Awsome!! Please read!!

by julia
(portland, maine)

i personally have been playing horse isle for almost a year and it IS adiccting so when you start you cant stop!!My Mom and Aunt also play this addicting horse isle trust me its worth joining!! Some quests are hard and it is a very clean and safe chat and permitted to be safe for all ages and if you get a least 10 violation points you get banned for atleast a day but then your back on track and right now my quest points are 53% thats really good and look here...

25% = lava isle

50% = pirate isle

75% = cloud isle

there are a lot of movie characters in the game like pecos bill or ateyu and his luch dragon there are many isle here are just some of them...

aesop isle, horse isle, cat isle, jungle isle, bird isle, pirate isle, lava isle, cloud isle, desert isle, snow isle, art isle, hotzaplotz isle, theobroma isle, magma isle, pumice isle, dust isle and the sand isles!plus the dreaded prison isle!

i enjoy horse isle and my many buds on there! what are buds you say here are what they are..

buddies accour in buddie chat all you do to have a buddie is to walk on the person and press add buddie and they of course have to add buddie too.

1 more thing mods and admins
mods have green ink and so do admins they tell people what they are doing wrong like if you were buying something in the game and put it in global chat u are not supposed to do that and if u make a mod made enough you go to prison isle!! enjoy the game

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