by holly

I have been playing HL for a long time. It is a fun game. You can buy, sell, breed, ride, train, chat, show, create shows, buy dogs, horses, ponies,unicorns, zebras, and peguses. It is free too! This game gets a 10/10 totally.Its for all ages and kid safe. It is a login game. you can choose from about 50 breeds!!! you can also do everything you do to horses to dogs! If you are under 13 you autamatically get a free junior account . Then later on if you want, with parent's permission, you can upgrade to the advanced game. The advanced game is definitly more fun. And in the advanced version, you can choose to pay, to get bonuses like monthly prizes of money OPTIONAL.I play free. you can even buy clothes and tack for you and your horse. This game is AWESOME!!!

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