Awesome Summer - Part 1

by Shine

Green Oaks was a private camp. It was small, but fancy. It was usually rich people that went. Rachel Hughes never considered herself rich. But it was her very rich best friend Jane Wesley that invited her.

"Its real cool. They have such amazing horses."

Rachel never really knew how Jane became her best friend. They had met at the library, at the books that had the best horse stories. Rachel had thought it was comical, Jane thought it was a wish come true.

Jane's funny personality with pretty features would of course have lots of friends Rachel thought when she first met her. But it turned out that she didn't. Jane always joked about it.
"They're not really my friends," she said with a laugh. "They're my acquaintances."

"Summer would be so fun if you came with me to camp," Jane had pleaded. Rachel, like her parents, thought about the money expenses first.

"Don't worry about it," Jane had assured. "My parents had promised to pay. A gift."

Rachel's parents agreed to let her go. Rachel was excited. She was also nervous. She wanted to be excepted with the other girls. Jane assured her that she would go well with the group.

"A good acquaintance," she had laughed.

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May 13, 2012
by: lucinda


May 10, 2012
Hi Shine
by: Unicorn

Wow. This story is brilliant! I love the dynamics between Rachel and Jane, and can't wait to see what happens on the camp. Well done! Keep writing!


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