by Diamond

Part One

Pippa Miller was an average girl. She didn't have hair gold like the sun, nor was her hair ebony like the night. Just plain brown. The plainest, brownest, hair you could have.

Her sisters were all unique. Different in their own way. Sophie was the fashionable one, always up to the latest trends. Hanna was the studious one, getting full marks in all her subjects. Becky was the athlete, always being praised on her soccer skills.

Not that Pippa was jealous at her sisters, she loved them and hoped they were successful. She just wanted to find her place, too.

One Saturday, Pippa was lounging on her bed eating chips when she heard her mother knock on her door. "Come in," she said. Her mother came in, smiling widely and said,"Come on Pippa, it's time for art class." Oh, art class, she told her mom a few days ago that she needed a hobby, to find her spot. So they decided on art class.

When Pippa got in the car, she found Becky there too. "Soccer practice. You?" asked Becky.

"Art class." answered Pippa.

"Well, I didn't know you were interested in art."remarked Becky.

"Yeah, neither did I." Pippa answered absent-mindedly.

When they reached the location of the art class, Pippa cautiously entered the building. She found the teacher, Mrs.Carter, seeing the name on the chalkboard, who said,"Welcome, you must be new, what's your name?"


Alright, Pippa, find a seat, today we are painting horses."

Horses, thought Pippa, ok, I can do that. She had certainly sketched out horses once or twice. As she began to paint, she thought about horses, now that she thought about it, she really liked horses. She even remembered that she had once found that her name meant 'lover of horses' (Yes, that was why I chose the name Pippa).

Maybe she could ride horses. After considering this option, she decided that, yes, she would like to ride horses, and later in life become a professional horse jumper.

By the end of art class, Pippa had painted a reasonably nice horse.When she got into the car, with Becky in it, the blurted out, "Maybe I can ride horses."

Mother thought about this, and finally said "Yes, you may enter a riding school. But first I'm guessing we have to withdraw you from art class?"

"Alright," agreed Pippa.

And so, Ladies and no gentleman, is how Pippa decided to ride horses.

Part Two

On the day the lesson came, Pippa couldn't even stay still with her excitement. In the car, she drummed her fingers in impatience.

At last, they arrived at the arena. First they met a woman with her hair in a long braid. This must be the instructor, Pippa thought.

"Welcome," the instructor said, smiling widely. "You must be Pippa, I hope you have a nice time here. I'm Candace."

"Hello," Pippa said.

"Would you like to meet the horse you are riding?" she asked.


Candace led Pippa to a light dapple grey horse. "This is Quicksilver," she said.

Pippa, having done quite some reading beforehand, petted him gently on his nose.

Quicksilver nudged her back gently.

Candace handed Pippa a carrot.

"Hold your hand out flat and give it to him" she instructed.

Pippa did, and Quicksilver ate the carrot.

Candace led Pippa to the rest of the class.

"Everyone, meet Pippa," she announced.

The class muttered their hello's and one girl with long wavy blonde hair in expensive looking clothing rolled her eyes. A blonde next to her with equally expensive clothes gave her a disapproving look.

"Be nice," the blonde said.

Miss Rolly Eyes rolled her eyes again.

The nice blonde went up to Pippa and said, "Hi, I'm Leah. Pay no attention too my twin, Lana."
Pippa smiled. Hopefully, this was the beginning of a new friendship.

During most of this lesson, Pippa spent most of her time on the ground. She learned how to tack up, and mount. Then she learned about horse safety. Finally, she got to ride the horse as her instructor led the horse. She had to make a very conscious effort to sit straight and keep her heels down.

At the end of the lesson, Pippa went as fast as she could without running to her mother's car. She explained everything that happened in excruciating detail.

She hoped her next lesson would be as good as her first.

A/N: so I'm changing my name here from Sapphire to Diamond, so if you see Sapphire, keep in mind that it's me, Diamond. Sorry this part is so short.

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Aug 27, 2018
This is great!
by: Spiritgirl

Cool story, and I never knew Pippa means lover of horses! I googled it, and 'Philippa' means it too. No wonder Pippa Funnell is PIPPA Funnell!

Mar 03, 2018
Great job
by: Ali

It's really good! I think you should keep on writing. You are very talented. Just do whatever you like best. PLEASE WRITE MORE! Oh, and I'm writing a book called "The Lost Horse." Just to let y'all know!

Feb 17, 2018
Please keep writing :)
by: Haddie

Good start! I'd enjoy reading more!

Feb 14, 2018
Awesome! Thanks a bunch! Can't wait for it!
by: hundreds of horses

You're just so good, and I love stories where the horses talk!

Please comment back to me telling me what the story's name will be. There are just so many stories out there, I'll have to be on the lookout! :)

Jan 26, 2018
Re: hundreds of horses
by: Sapphire

Thanks! I might write a horse story where the main character is a horse, now that you mention it.

Jan 17, 2018
Great work!
by: hundreds of horses

I had no idea that the name Pippa meant lover of horses! That's so cool!

Hey, I love the base line of the story. It's great! But I was wondering if maybe you could write about horses as the main character? You see, you have a real gift for writing, and I prefer horse stories where there are no humans, and the horses can talk. Wild, talking horses!

Please comment back so I can hear what you have to say about this.

P.S. I LOVE your creativity!

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