by Kaitlin
(united states)

my horse is my best friend! And i have been riding a while about four years. the moment my butt hit the seat i knew i would love it! II love everything about horses and my horse Aubrey! Me and my horse are BFFs forever.

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Jun 05, 2009
i hope you like it!
by: aubreyandme

This is my page and i just want to get things straight! I forgot to mention some things. Like aubrey was the thrid horse i owned first Buck, Misty, then Aubrey. But shes my FAVE! Don't tell ANYONE i said that because i loved them all A LOT!Aubrey just went into a horse show and won two blue ribbons. In all the categories she never placed below 4th. BRAVO! Aubrey is chestnut with a dark brown mane and tail, she is to die for! and she is one of my best friends. I love her a lot. I hope you like my page! Bye- Aubrey and her owner [me]

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