Atta Girl! - Part 3

by Nicole
(Alberta, Canada)

My horse Jewel!! :)

My horse Jewel!! :)

I was contestant number 16, and my turn was coming soon. I knew that I had to get on. Blinker danced eagerly at the end of the reins as I led her over to the warm up ring where I would ride for the first time in over a month. I pulled the reins over Blinker's head and gathered them at the pommel. I then slid my boot into the stirrup.

"One." I counted the bounces before I would pull myself up. "Two, three!" I jumped up at the third count. I was on! I put my other foot in the stirrup and positioned myself correctly. I posted in rhythm with Blinker's eager trot with a wide grin on my face.

"Contestant number 16. Lilly Roome and Blink Of Lighting please enter the ring." The announcer called.

I made my way over to the ring and entered making a circle at a canter before heading to the first jump. The course was identical to the one Blinker and I had the accident with. I cued Blinker over every jump perfectly and we were going clear so far. Then the last three jumps came. The combination.

I felt Blinker tense beneath me as I leaned forward into the two-point position as she gathered herself over the first one. We landed! I sat back slightly slowing her for the two strides we had to do before the next one. Blinker jumped easily over it with no rails knocked. I gave her a quick nudge with my heels the second we landed and she thundered to the next and last jump. Once again, she gathered herself up and I felt her front forelegs spring over the jump.

We had jumped a clear round! I gave her a proud pat on her shoulder as we trotted out of the rings. I was the only one to jump clear that day makingme the automatic winner.

I guided Blinker back into the ring to accept the first place trophy. As we left the ring caught glimpse of Soraya screaming at Andrea and I was able to hear the words "I quit" come out of Andrea's mouth. Andrea made her way over to Blinker and I who were getting our pictures taken for the local newspaper.

Andrea smiled and nodded. "Atta girl Lilly!"

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