Atta Girl! - Part 2

by Nicole
(Alberta, Canada)

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead

My bruised arms rested on the white rails of Blinkers paddock as I watched her peacefully graze. On a normal day I would`ve had a lead shank in my hands to bring her in for a morning training session, but that`d be a normal day 3 weeks ago. I heard footsteps approaching me from behind. Let me guess: Andrea?

"Good morning Lilly!" Andrea spoke in a cheerful tone.

"Mornin'," I had less enthusiasm than a turtle.

"Ahh someone's in a good mood I see,"

"Clearly you see nothing." I snapped turning around to face her.

Her smile faded. "Watch it young lady. Now go bring that hoss' of yours and lets go for a long hack together and build her stamina back up for the show this weekend." She ordered.

"I'm not going. I've told you this a million times Andrea! I'm never competing again! Or riding." I turned back around to see Blinker approaching the fence to see the action.

"You've already missed four shows! I'm tired of this Lilly! You haven't even rode since the accident! This isn't like you!" Andrea ranted on.

"The REAL Lilly I know wouldn't quit on her horse just because of a sprained arm! Clearly it's fine now since you've been lifting buckets of horse feed and muckin' stalls!"

"You cannot tell me I'm fine." I had my teeth clenched so tight together to keep me from saying anything more that it burned.

"You are right. I can't... because I quit. Ring me up if you ever wanna be somebody in the world of show jumping." Andrea showed no emotion on her face but I knew she was dying inside.

"Goodbye Andrea."

"Sure." That was the last word I heard Andrea say for nearly a month.

It killed me inside to be on the other side of the jumping arena; watching. I had to 'rent' my horse out to other girls at the stable so Blinker wouldn't lose her muscle and become overweight. All of the girls were incompetent and didn't know how to properly ride MY horse. Most of them rode her once, paid me the twenty bucks and never came back.

I sat on the rails of Blinkers paddock at dawn like I do everyday and watched her gallop freely around the perimeter. I wished more than anything that I was on her back feeling the wind flow through my long blonde hair. Blinker halted with a sliding stop and turned to face me. Her crisp brown eyes seemed to have peered into my soul and made me realize what I had to do.

I reached my hand down to my Wrangler jean pocket and pulled out my cell phone. I flipped through my contacts until I found Andrea's number. I gingerly pressed the green 'call' button and pressed the phone to my ear.


"Hi. Umm sorry, who is this?" It wasn't Andrea.

"This is Soraya." She answered in a tone that I didn't like at all, she sounded stuck up and rude.

"Oh OK. Is Andrea there?" I asked.

"No. She's busy."

"Well where is she? This is her phone number. I need to talk to her."

"She's adding more height to my jumps. I'm a show jumper ya know. I'm competing this weekend. Andrea's my coach. Who are you anyways and what do you want?"

"Coach?" I could barely speak the inevitable truth.

"Yes! Now what do you w-" I couldn't hear any more and hung up.

Three hours later after it had all finally sunk in that Andrea had moved on I decided I would cowgirl up and get her back, and once again I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

"Lilly?" It was Andrea!

"Ya! Andrea, I'm so glad I got a hold of you!"

"Have you decided your going ride again?" She asked.

"Yes I have."

"So I'll see you at the show on Saturday?"

"Aren't you gonna coach me for it?"

"I can't, I have a new client hat I'm training."

"Oh okay."

"O-" I have a bad habit of hanging up on people when I'm disappointed.

I ran down to the stables and grabbed Blinker's bright pink lead shank to bring her in for a practice session. After I was done tacking her up I brought her out to the jumping ring and put my foot in the stirrup but something inside stopped me. I couldn't do it. I can't.

Blinker anxiously flicked her ears back and forth. I cautiously slid my boot out of the stirrup. My legs trembled with fear as I led Blinker back up to the stable to un-tack her. The same thing happened everyday and everyday Andrea called and asked how my training was coming along and everyday I told her "Great!".

Saturday quickly approached and the morning of I was busy plaiting Blinker's mane and tail to keep myself from getting even more nervous than what I was. I slowly loaded Blinker into the horse trailer and drove down to the show grounds where karma would meet up with me.

After I finished unloading and tacking Blinker up I saw a familiar face approach me; Andrea. She smiled as she made her way over but she stopped dead in her tracks when someone had shrieked:

"Andrea!" Andrea spun on her heels and made her way back over to Soraya.


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