At the Beach with the horses

by S.
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

this is not really a horse show story it is more of a beach story. Here it goes...

Every year everyone at my barn which is Two Shannons Barn goes to the beach. I could list all the people that went but that would take too long. Anyway, We had ALOT of fun! The very first thing we did was unload our horses off the trailer and take them to the beach and let them roll around because we wouldn't want them rolling while we are on them! Then we started to ride, we have to warm our horses up by just walking them around and getting them used to the water.

Next, we start trotting a little bit then we start cantering which was really cool feeling the wind in our face. One of my favorite parts was when a girl named Destiny and I started galloping as fast as our horses would go and boy was it FUN! After we ride , we put our horses up and drive them over to a barn at the beach where we keep them. We fees them and get all that kind of stuff eat dinner, and then we get into our trailers where we sleep for only 1 night and start to play a card game called spoons. In the morning we eat breakfast, ride, and go home.

By the way I am S. and I am turning 10 this year. My horse's name is Mandy and she is a quarter horse bay. Right now her tendon is sprained and I cant ride her until another year.

Note from Sydney's mom: For safety, I took out your name because we published the name of the barn where you ride.

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