Ashlyn's Horse Show Journal

by Ashlyn

Out of State Show
In exactly 15 days I will be leaving to go to Folsom, Louisiana for my first out of state horse show. My horse Apollo, who is an off the track thoroughbred, raced in Louisiana two years ago. Although he has been out of state he has never been to this place and it’s only his 2nd jumper show. Let me give you a little background info on him first.

I got him about a year ago; he was skin in bones, screwed up feet, and mangy mane and tail. Probably the ugliest horse I've ever seen. So it took us awhile to get him decent. When we got his feet straightened up we started riding him. If you would have met him and rode him you wouldn't believe he was an off the track thoroughbred. He was so calm and sweet; I guess that's what won me over.

Anyway after about a month of fine tuning, we lunged him over some jumps to see if would be a jumper. The first jump he sailed over it kicking his hind in the so he wouldn't touch it. That's when I knew we would be going far together. After that we started doing exercises and small courses just building him up. Finally we met a hunter jumper trainer who we stayed with through the first two shows.

Every weekend we traveled 2 and a half hour to go and take lessons. After the first two shows Apollo and I were through with hunters. We were born jumpers. I got back up with my old coach and he is now training me. My show seasoned started in March and is ending in October.

We are trying to find some shows during the winter that is located nearby. The first two shows he did great for it being his first time. No ribbons but I was very proud of him. The third show was my first jumper show with him. Still no ribbons but he did awesome!

Now it’s time about time for my second jumper show and this time will be bringing home a ribbon! His workouts start today, an hour everyday till before we leave for the show! When we get there, there won't be any holding back this time! I will write another entry tonight and let your know how his workout went!

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