by Ashley

my horse sirena

my horse sirena

When i was about 3 I lived beside a farm with horses on it. And i was in love with them the first time i saw them. They were like the only friends i had.

So when i would wake up in the morning i would look out the door and see if they were at the fence. This horse named Baby Girl she was my best friend. She was at the end of the fence she could see me she would run to where i was. So that's why i am HORSECRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 26, 2009
by: Hannah

Dear Ashley i live on a farm too.The horse is really pretty

Jan 10, 2009
Thats cool
by: Bella

That is just like me. I live next to a horse farm, and this Tennessee Walker, named Fencer would see me every morning when I woke up. He won't let me leave the fence too. I have to stay there up to like two hours. But "His mare" calls him back. He does anything for her.

Oct 05, 2008

I also lived on a farm when I was three.We had two ponies Whisky and Cocoa and two horses Apple and Buraq. We've moved away now and I really miss them. Baby Girl looks soooooooooo sweet!

Sep 21, 2008
Hi Ashley!
by: Christina

Hey Ashley! How are you? How is Baby Girl? Have you ever ridden before? I ride my horse Picture everyday! By the way that picture is soooo cute! Well God bless you! Can you please comment on my page? (Christina -Horse Lover Page 2 Picture's Page!) TTYL ~Christina~

Aug 16, 2008
by: Christina

Hey Ashley! How are you? Can you please comment on my page? Thanks! -Christina

Jul 03, 2008
You are a true horse crazy girl!
by: Christina

I live next to a horse farm too! I love visiting the horses and talking to them:) They're like my best friends too! That horse picture is sooo cute! Baby Girl must really like you. You seem to have a natural gift and connection with horses. I don't know many horses who would run up just to see me.

You must be a very special girl Ashley, and Baby Girl knows it! Well if you want you can comment on one of my pages. (I'm Christina -Horse Lover) You don't really have to comment. You can just kind of talk to me, and we can become friends if you want. Well God Bless You! ~Christina

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