Arab LOVER!!! (Side saddle pic!!!)

by Jillian H
(Frederick, Colorado, USA)

Me and Electra, first time side saddle

Me and Electra, first time side saddle

(P.S. In the picture my horses head it up high because i was trying to get it down but she wouldnt listen)

I am 11 years old and I have been riding horses since I was 4! I have my own horse, she is a chestnut Arabian mare named OA Electric. She is 19 years young. I will be 12 in 6 days! My birthday is July 5 and today is June 29. This is a really bad picture of my riding my horse side saddle. The picture was our first time, and I have only ridden it three other times. I can't ride it anymore though because I was cantering on my horse and the stirrup broke off! So now I can't ride it until it is fixed. But I ride her hunt seat and I do showmanship. We have been very successful since i got her when I was 8. I first got her and we had a show FOUR DAYS after we bought her!! And SHEEZ! That was a horrible, horrible show. But, we went to Reigion 8 Arabian Championships in 2007 and we got Reserved Champion in my hunter classes. I got Top 5 in my showmanship class and I didn't place in my western, so I stopped riding it because my horse likes hunter better :). But, as I was saying, I am starting to ride side saddle. I cannot show it because, for one, the stirrup is broken, and two, it is illegal to show in the one i ride because it is a "Hoop Saddle." It has a bar on the side that your feet aren't and it is illegal to ride in one like that. Sorry I wrote so much, I like to talk. Hehe.

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