Apollo - Part 3

by Shine

So sorry it took me so long to post this up! I'm really glad you girls like my story.

Stacy gave a scowl and turned away. Alisha snickered and said, "Nice excuse Jessie." Then she turned Apollo around and caught up with Stacy. "Come on, lets go to my house and practice jumping." Alisha suggested.

"Okay," Stacy agreed. The girls began discussing of the up coming show jumping contest. "I heard that Ashely and Jessie are going to enter in again."

Alisha spotted the ranch. "Again? Didn't Jessie win first place last year?" Stacy nodded. She began a canter with Charger. Alisha began a canter also. "Jessie is going to try again, right?" Stacy nodded. Both girls entered the ranch.

As Alisha slid off Apollo,she led Apollo toward the stables. "Come on, lets put Apollo and Charger in their stalls and go in and get a snack, then ride."

A few days later, Alisha was in the the book store looking at the horse books when she heard two familiar voices. "What a nice thing to see Alisha." Jessie said unpleasantly. Alisha spun around. She was startled to see Jessie ans Ashely.

"Hows Polo?" Ashely asked. "Like she cares." Alisha thought. "His name is Apollo." She corrected. Ashely rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Jessie looked at Ashely, then smirked. "Does your horse even know how to jump?" Alisha blushed. "Yes, he does it very well."

Jessie took off her sun glasses and narrowed her eyes. "Then why don't you enter him into the show jumping contest? Me and Ashely would enjoy such close completion." Alisha mumbled, "Yes I'm sure you would." She turned her back at the girls,hoping they would go away.

The girls laughed and walked away. Alisha knew what she had to do. She had to enter Apollo into the contest and show Jessie a thing or two!

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Feb 02, 2011
nice story
by: Aysha

hey shine i liked Apollo part-2. I think personally that you make the best horse stories ever. So I know Apollo part-3 is going to be even better. Your stories were better than i ever expected.(Out of an 11 yr. old.) Can't wait to read the next story.

Jan 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Shine, your story isn't messed up. I like it! The jumping show will be really interesting! And don't worry about the title error - it's really minor. Please post the next part soon!

Jan 08, 2011
by: Shine

Somehow, the title is post to be Apollo- part 2. I made a mistake so it is called part 3. To me, I'm thinking my story is messed up. So sorry.

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