Apollo - Part 2

by Shine

Stacy snickered. "Ha! What an excuse!" Then she and Alisha turned away and rode off. "Those girls are so annoying!" Alisha said with disgust. Her hair flew back as Apollo began to run. "Hey hold up!" Stacy called. Alisha just laughed and Apollo just ran faster. Then a log came into view. Apollo did a magnificent jump then slowed down.

As Stacy caught up, Alisha got off Apollo and patted Apollo's hansom brown coat. "Good boy! You did a great jump!" Alisha said with pleasure.

"Wow, Apollo sure could jump! I bet you could enter into him into the show jumping contest." Stacy panted. Alisha's eyes sparkled. "Really? I would love to enter Apollo into the contest. "Well why don't you?" Stacy asked.

"I don't know. I'll have to think about it. Besides, Apollo isn't a expert yet." Alisha sighed.

Stacy slid off Charger. "Alisha! Apollo did a terrific jump!" Alisha smiled. "Well, I guess I could enter Apollo into the contest.

A few days later, Alisha was in the library looking at the horse books when she heard two familiar voices. "How nice to see Alisha. How's Pollo?" Ashely asked with a roll of her eyes. Alisha turned around. She was startled to see Jessie and Ashely. "His name is Apollo," she corrected.

Jessie smirked. "Whatever." Ashely went on. "Does your horse even know how to jump?" Alisha blushed. "Yes, he can do it very well." Ashely laughed. "If he can jump very well, why don't you enter him into the show jumping contest?"

Jessie joined in. "Me and Ashely are going to enter in. We would enjoy such close competition!" Alisha smirked. "I'm sure you would."

She turned her back at the girls hoping they would go away. "See ya," Jessie said and they walked away. Alisha knew what she had to do. She had to enter Apollo and show Ashely and Jessie a thing or two!

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