Antigone--My Amazing Bond With an Amazing Horse

by Kennedy
(Columbus, GA USA)

Antigone (Ant-i-gun-ee)

When I first saw Antigone I was warned to stay away. "That Witch!", they would say, "She's totally untrainable. She's Dangerous!" But of course, my curiosity got the best of me. I am in charge of feeding all the horses at the barn, and I would slip treats into her feed. At first, she would gallop around the pasture in fear and cow kick, and crow-hop, and she would rear, swinging her forelegs, warning me to get away. She would then stop, and throw out one back leg.I would dump her feed, and then stand there. She would cautiously approach the feed bucket.

Soon, I could stroke her forehead a few times. A couple days later, it took everything I had not to run to her when I saw the man with the lunge whip going down to her paddock, in an attempt to get the halter on her. I held back tears and screams when I heard her fearful whinnies, and it seemed like she was calling me.

When I drove home, sure enough, the halter was on her. "I can't get that blanket on her!" My trainer called out. Well, I was NOT going to let that man go back down there with a lung whip! So I went down there myself. Talking to her in a soft, whisper-quiet voice, she stood stock-still while I slipped the blanket off her back. But, after I slipped the blanket off, she walked straight up to me!

After that, Antigone and I have been Best Friends...

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Apr 19, 2011
by: Kennedy

Thanks! No, I guess there won't be a next to THAT story, because it is a true story, but I am always writing about my horsey adventures!!! =)

Apr 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

is there a next to your story? is that a true story? that was a sweet story.

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