Annie's Past - Part 1

by Alex

Melita's long, blond hair tangled down her back as she heaved a large bag of chaff onto her back and slowly varied it to the stables.

"Hey Mom, I could use some help, ya know!" Melita called as her mom walked past her.

"Sorry honey, here, let me take this." Her mom laughed.

"Thanks." Mumbled Melita. Melita was staying at an old ranch with her mom for a week. It was her Aunt, Uncle and cousin Elanors farm. Melita loved horses so though she was working hard, she still loved being around the horses.

Just as Melita had finished moving all of the bags of chaff, her cousin Elanor came around the corner.

"How you going Mel?" Elanor asked.

"Oh, alright. Finished now. Can we go see the horses? Please! I am only her for 2 more days!" Melita begged. Elanor sighed and motioned for Melita to follow her.

As the two were walking through the stables, Elanor asked, "So how are your riding lessons back home going?"

"Alright." Replied Melita, "I have just finished my cantering skills and I have been doing jumping!"

The girls walked a little farther, Melita patting every horse she passed.

"Come on, let's go now." Elanor urged.

"Wait!" Exclaimed Melita, "Who's that horse?" Melita pointed to a bay colored Mare with a white mane and tail. She was restlessly tossing her head in distress.

"Oh, that's just Annie, nothing special, in fact she is a bit of a nuisance around here. She was found in the back paddock, with wounds and bruises. We took her in but she really needs to leave because she just causes such a commotion!" Elanor explained.

As the girls left the stables, Melita couldn't help thinking about Annie. She felt so sorry for her, being hated because she was the way she was. Melita knew she had to do something.

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Apr 12, 2011
Really good!
by: Shine

I like your characters, really good!

Apr 08, 2011
by: Kaitlyn aka Horserider

Awesome story! I really like your character Melita! She seems really passionate about horses. And I really want to find out about Annie's past!

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