Angel's not so Angelic (TRUE STORY)

by Charlie

I used to work on a stable yard for a riding school when my friend and fellow employee Mark led a huge andalucian mare up to me. He said this new horse's name was Angel and she needed riding before they can put it up in the school.

So I agreed to take this horse out on a hack. We walked up to the mountain trail, she was fine across a bridge no problems until we were getting to the end of the trail ready to turn around.

She spun around, reared up, struggled and I eventually fell off her. She kept rearing up when i was on the floor i tried to calm her but she had already stomped on my ribs. She eventually calmed so i stood up and got back on her and rode her back to the stables.

I got through the gates to the yard i collapsed off her back and was rushed to the hospital, i had 3 broken ribs.

But i got up and rode as soon as i was out of hostpital they put angel straight up for sale,I mean this wasn't her fault, I bought her that same day.

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Aug 08, 2010
your great
by: alexa

it was nice of you to buy angel after what happened. i hope angel is a true angel now!!!

Jul 20, 2010
by: Sydney

i hope angel's good to you now..

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