Angela's Journal - Part 1

by Abbie



I walked into the gallery because Jorja texted me saying that Raven was riding side-saddle! "Cool! that look's pretty scary! I would probably fall of if I trotted!" I said to Jorja as we watched "Yeah, me to. Anyway Jiggy would freak if I put that saddle on her back! Hey! Look! A jump is being put up!" Raven never jumps! "This will be good!" I said. Raven canter Garnet up to the jump, went up in the air, and landed on her but! "Is she okay!?" I asked, between mouthfuls of mars bar. "Yeah, she's getting back up. Come on, I need to bring in Jiggy."

I rode into the outdoor arena on Star along with Jorja and Jiggy. "Hey this side saddle stuff is easy!" said Matt, with one leg over his saddle. "That's what you think!" I said as Matt disappeared over the other side of Star. "Hey! NOT funny! I'd like to see you try!" he said. "Fine I will!" I didn't think he expected me to say yes. I pulled me right leg over the saddle just in time to see Jorja shake her head. It was actually quite easy. Better that what Matt did anyway!


This morning when I went Star He was covered in mud! Today was show day! I brushed and brushed and scraped and scraped at his coat. "Jorja! HELP!" I shouted. "What wha- oh no." "Exactly! Well, grab a brush!" I only just finished brushing him when Connie called us saying it was time to go. We loaded the horses and went on the road. "I'm doing a side-saddle class!" boasted Raven "Well I'm doing a dressage class! I boasted back. We all laughed! We turned into the show grounds.

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Oct 14, 2010
by: pony mad penny

This is your new book?! It's a great journal! Is it real? It's sooo funny! It's a journal, about horses! Whooo!

Cant wait to hear about Raven's class and Angela's class! OOOH MELLA [DRAMATIC]!

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