by Gabrielle

By the way this story is fake but if it ever happened I would tell you people FOR SURE. This is my first story so please give me a good rating. Here's the story guys I hope you like it! :)

There was this horse named Andrew that I loved. Every day I'd go to the barn and ride him. And then one day when I was in a lesson riding him something spooked him and he bucked and reared and bucked. I fell off and cried in pain.

My riding instructor helped me up and I got right back on. He was great the rest of the time. And when the lesson ended my riding instructor called me to come here and that she wanted to talk to me. I went over and this is what she said: "We are having a horse show in three weeks and by that time I want you in control of your horse. Show him who is in charge who is boss. Ok?"

I was very ashamed and promised myself to get in control. I read all the horse books when I got home and even when my mom called for cookies I said "Not now." I was ready the next week fort a group lesson. And when she told me to do things I did them.

My parents saw one day that Andrew was for sale and near my Birthday they bought him for me. I was soooooooooooooooo happy! It was the best day of my life even better than the day I met the saddle club cast and they shook my hand and hugged me! I thanked my mom and dad so much that I think they got a little annoyed. It was the best day ever!

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Aug 02, 2016
Very nice
by: Anonymous

Try to enlarge on the beginning part, you kinda jumped into the next part with no warning. Otherwise, good story! Keep it up. Remember, practice makes perfect!:-)

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