An Everlasting Hope - Part 3

by S a v a n n a h

I reluctantly followed them with my ears laid back. We passed through the silvery, thick forest for a few minutes until we reached the edge.
They sped up to a fast canter, but I stubbornly followed them at an uneasy trot.

I didn't like them at all. After a short while, we arrived at a big ranch.
There was a large bar, acres and acres of bright green meadows with fresh sweet selling grass enclosed by gleaming white, strong fences.

Nearby that was a big indoor arena and an outdoor one. Beside that was a large wall neatly stacked with soiled hay and on the other side under a shiny silver metal roof.

On the side of the barn was a small room filled with saddles, boxes, pitchforks and grooming equipment off all sorts.

The air was filled with the smell of saddle leather, horses and grass. Despite all this, I did NOT want to stay.

I preferred living free, with my herd, not cooped up here having these people sticking stuff on me and being on my back.

If its short, I am sorry. I have lots of time but i cant tell whether it is long enough or not. Comments appreciated!

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