An Everlasting Hope - Part 2 (Rewrite)

by Savannah

I could smell a sharp perfume coming from inside the tent. It was white with some weir smelling windows on it and was pegged tightly into the ground. It didn't seem to mean any harm at all.
The zipper fully opened and a young girl, maybe seven or eight years old sleepily looked out.

I whinnied lightly and backed away. She screamed. Another tent zip opened, and a woman came out. She rushed over. The third opened and a man came out. There was a lot of talking going on I could not understand. I stood back in fright.

The man pulled something from his pocket and started talking into it. The little girl had gone back into the tent and her mother had joined her. I cantered tiredly into the forest, and stopped in an area where the trees weren't so thick and lay down.

As I fell asleep, drifting away, I wondered where my herd is now....

The next morning, I saw a few men mounted on horses. I jumped to my feet, staring at them wearily. The scent of cracked leather and different horses filled the crisp, fresh morning air.

One of the horses came up, in complete control of it's rider. I sniffed the man sitting on the horse and he looped a rope over my head and tied it in a halter formation. I shied backwards in fright. He pulled the left-over rope and I edged forward.

I will do more soon, I have got homework!

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