An emotional and true story

by Lexi

First off if you get sad very easy you might not want to read this story but in all it is not that bad.

Well I was at my show in London and I was leading my appaloosa gelding paloosa in the warm up ring. Anyway we were going back to his stall and a tractor was coming in to turn the sand but when paloosa and I were on the cement flooring on the way back to his stall.

The guy didn't see us and gunned the tractor and because the tractor was behind us, paloosa spooked and slipped on the floor. I was petrified. When he got up he was shaking and scared as well.

For the next class hunter in hand my gramma took him in her class to us. He was fine but the judges found that he was lame and not moving with the flowing gaits he normally has. So she was excused from the class.

My class was next and I had no horse so someone stepped up and said "does anyone have a horse this young lady can use" finally someone let me use her horse and we were a perfect team. I was so happy. But this made me even more happy one of the announcer's girth was an equine massage therapist so he checked paloosa out.

It was bad news we could not show paloosa in the rest of the show. So for my next classes I used another horse. I was a winner in my class. But when it came to the western pleasure classes shirley the horse could not neck rein and she was not a junior horse. So dista gogeun let me borrow her mare tessa. Yet again we won.

So in the end I was happy and every thing was fine with paloosa, like the next weekend I was riding him again and we were all happy.

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