An Awesome (and safe) Online Horse Game

by Shreya

Hi there all you HCG's out there!!!!
If you're looking for a new and fun online horse game to try out,then this is the game for you!!! It's called my Dream Stable. I haven't gotten much time to play yet,but so far it's been great! You can choose if you want a horse or a pony,then you can choose the breed,the coat color,the gender,and even your horse or pony's birthday! Then you get your own piece of land and you can even choose where you want your horse or pony! Plus-here's the coolest part of the game-you can grow your horse or pony's food. It's cool so try it out today! And yes,it's free to play. Sydney,perhaps you can add this to the online horse games section of your site. Sorry if I'm bothering you!!

note from sydney:you are not bothering us we love to have new games! I will be sure to check this game out and add it to the website

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