An Appaloosa

"Mom! Mom! I'm home! Mom!" I shout. "Where is she?" I mumble. "Surprise, baby,!" Mum says, jumping out of the living room. I look at her, puzzled. In all the time dad left, I've never seen her so excited, never at all. I scan her up and down, my eyes lingering over jodhpurs, a hoodie, and riding boots. "Huh?" I question, raising my eyebrows. I look down at my school shirt and skirt, and suddenly I'm grinning.

"Mum!" I squeal. "You're serious!? We're going to start riding!"
"Yes, baby, yes we ARE!!!"
"O my goodness, I cant believe it!" Mum laughs, puts her arms around me, and says, "Come on, change into casual clothes, jump in the car, and lets go buy you some riding clothes!"

10 minutes later I'm dressed in jeans, a stripey top and a hoodie. In all my 14 years I've wanted to go riding and finally, for my 5th birthday Mum and dad (was still with us) gave me a voucher for lessons. I finished my voucher, but mum said I could carry on riding. I progressed as far as galloping, and jumping 5 ft. I stopped when I was 12, when dad left. We were scarily short of cash, but mum is a talented baker, and 6 months ago mum got a high pay job in a bakery.

Now zooming through the fast lane, we are at a riding store. I get two jodhpurs, one turquoise, and one tan. 1 set of proper riding boots, and one proper riding top. (Mum says I can use normal t-shirts when I ride and my riding shirt is in the wash.)

I get a riding hat, and then, another 10 minutes later, we are at the riding school. When I jump out the car, a boy comes over. "Morning, Miss, are you here for riding lessons?" He has brown hair with a messy cut fringe, brown eyes, and freckles. He looks at me, and smiles.

Ready for part 2?

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Jun 13, 2016
Love it :)
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

You did a great job writing this! It can be a bit hard to write when you have all these thoughts in your head of what to write next! (well, that's what happens to me!) ;) And I would love to read part 2!

Apr 29, 2016
by: Claudiahorselovr

I agree with "anonymous"

Jan 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

Can't wait for part two. It is interesting, although it seemed rushed. If you slow down it will be easier to understand.

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