Amethyst Horse Crazy Gal

by Amethyst
(Maryland USA)

Hi my name is Amethyst and i am ten years old I LOVE horses. I also like to read alot and draw, I usually draw horses im going to take horseback riding soon and until I do im saving up for a horse of my own. I'm kinda into magical creatures like mermaids and stuff even though i know they aren't real i pretend they are with my seven year old little sister Emerald which is by the way also saving up for a horse. well that's me bye your horse crazy gal Amethyst!

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Jul 25, 2011
thanks for the idea!
by: Evangeline

I'm 10 too!and i LOVE just being around horses.anyway thanks for the idea about saving up for a horse.i might do that with leasing.i have a friend who kept leasing a horse and eventually they gave her the horse!

Jun 16, 2011
by: Amethyst

thanks Sydney hope u get a horse too. how old are you? i just wanna know because if your a ten year old like me you really outdone yourself making this website! (and i kinda wanna be your friend lol)

Jun 05, 2011
Horse crazy too!
by: Sydney

I am trying to save up for my own horse too Amethyst. I hope you get to start riding soon! Anytime with horses is the best!

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