by Kat

Chapter One

Allison Jewel Rembert, AJ, as most people called her, wiped a hand across her forehead. It’s hard to keep cool in the summers of Roseburg, Oregon.

As AJ stood grooming her horse, Dixie, she thought about her upcoming birthday. In six more days, she would be thirteen. Wow. I can’t believe I’m going to be thirteen! She thought. It sounds so mature.

AJ ran the brush over Dixie’s body one last time, then let her go in their twelve-acre pasture. AJ leaned on the wooden fence and watched Dixie trot off to meet Charlie, AJ’s mother’s horse.

As AJ turned to leave, she saw Dixie drop to the ground and start rolling in the dirt. “Oh thanks a bunch!” She said sarcastically. “You know you’re a brat, Dixie, right?” AJ sighed. She started to walk back to the two-story, weathered, white house.

As she opened the door, she breathed in the smell of fresh baked cookies. “Mmmm! Snicker-doodles!” AJ said to her grandmother.

“Your favorite!” Gram said.

“Hey! They’re my favorite too!” Ryan, AJ’s twin brother, chimed in.

As he reached for a cookie, Gram swatted his hand away. “Would you at least wait until they’ve cooled a little before you eat them all?”

”Fine,” he said, “they’re better cold anyway.” Gram smiled as he left the room.

“How’s Mom?” AJ asked. Her mom, Jenny, who loved to be with the horses, was pregnant, and lately had been having back aches.

“She’s upstairs in your room borrowing your Bible.”

“What happened to her Bible?” AJ asked. “She’s misplaced it.” Gram explained.

“You mean she lost it.”


“I’m gonna go say hi.”

“Alright.” Gram turned to the calendar.

“Y’know, I, personally, like snicker-doodles better when they’re hot.” Gram turned back to see AJ snatch a cookie off the plate and run up the stairs giggling.

“Allison Jewel!” Gram yelled up the stairs. AJ walked into her room, seeing her mom sitting on her bed reading AJ’s Bible.

“Where are you reading in?” AJ took a bite of her cookie.

Mom looked up, “Hey! Listen to this ’He makes the wind His messengers, flaming fire His ministers.”

“Where’s that found?” AJ asked again.

“Psalms chapter 104 verse 4.” Mom looked at AJ’s cookie. “Hey, I thought I heard Gram say to wait.”

“I like ‘em better hot.” AJ grinned at Mom.

“Just think, when you listen to the wind, it could be a message from God.” Mom sighed with content. “Thanks for letting me borrow your Bible.”

“No problem.” AJ sat down at her desk and took out her sketch book.

“How are the horses comin’ along?” Mom asked.

“Dixie rolled right after I groomed her,” AJ made a face.

“No,” Mom laughed, “I meant the drawings.”

“I know.” AJ grinned again. “I guess they’re OK” she said, “Do you want to see them?”

“Of course!” AJ handed Mom her sketch book and she started to look through the pages.

“I really like this one,” she handed the book back to her. “You’re getting really good.”

“Thanks,” AJ said, “Too bad I can only draw horses.” She sighed. She had tried to draw other things, but they didn’t turn out very good.

“You just need more practice,” Mom said.

“That’s all.” AJ sighed, “I guess you’re right.”

“Aren’t I always?” Mom grinned.

AJ took another bite of her cookie, “Rats.”

“What’s wrong?” Mom asked.

“My snicker doodle is cold.”

Mom chuckled.

”Oh well.” AJ put the rest of the cookie in her mouth.

As Mom stood up to leave, she asked, “can I keep this,” she held up AJ’s Bible, “until I find mine?”

“Sure, go ahead.” AJ turned to her sketching.

“Thanks.” Mom said. AJ grunted as Mom left. When she was drawing the curve of a horse’s ear, some golden-brown hair fell onto her freckled face. She got a hair tie and put her waist length hair into a ponytail, then went back to her horse.

As AJ was putting the finishing touches on her drawing, her dad came in. “Hey,” he said.

“Hey, what’s up?” AJ looked up at him. “Mom just wanted me to give this back to you.” He handed AJ her Bible.

“Oh, thanks.” She stood and walked over and put it on her bookshelf.

“Where was it?”

“She remembered she left it in the car,” he chuckled at her forgetfulness. “That’s a good one.” he pointed to her drawing.

“Thanks,” it was of a mare nuzzling her foal. “The foal’s hooves aren’t quite right.”

“You just need to study them.”

“And how am I going to do that?” She asked. “You’re always saying that we won’t be breeding any time soon.”

“Maybe you’ll just have to visit someone else’s foal.” He said.

“Maybe.” she sighed.

When he turned to leave, AJ thought she saw him smiling. As she sat wondering what that was all about, she heard Ryan come bounding up the stairs.

“Yes, Ryan?” She said to him when he came to the door. “Gram wanted me to ask if you want any more cookies.” AJ looked at his wild brown hair and brown eyes.

“So, do you?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Of course I do!” AJ followed him downstairs. When they got to the kitchen Dad was on his way out the door. AJ and Ryan looked at each other then at Mom, who was sitting at the table.

“The Grayors called, their dog is having her puppies.” She explained.

“Awesome!” AJ and Ryan both exclaimed. Ben, their dad, was a veterinarian, and he often got called to work. AJ looked out the window and saw him pull away in the truck with the horse trailer on it.

“Why is he taking the trailer?” she asked. AJ noticed that Mom glanced at Gram before she said, “He’s in a hurry, and I guess it’s still hitched.”

“Oh.” She took a cookie off the plate and started munching on it.

“So, what do you two want to do for your birthday?” Gram asked Ryan and AJ.

“Eat cake.” Ryan grinned.

“Of course you do,” AJ shook her head. “I actually want an ice cream cake.”

“I’m cool with that.” Ryan nodded.

“But what do you want to do?” Mom asked.

“How ‘bout a trail ride?” AJ suggested.

“Nah, too hot for that.” Ryan shook his head. “We should go play laser tag!” He said.

“No way.” AJ said.

“We could invite the Carsons to come swimming.” Gram said.

“Sure! They haven‘t come over in a while.” AJ said.

“Awesome!” Ryan agreed.

The Carsons was a family of seven, the oldest son, Thomas, at nineteen, was in Bible college. Heather, at seventeen, was wanting to go to college to be an art teacher. Nikki, AJ’s best friend, at fourteen, was just thirteen months older. Mark, Ryan’s best friend, at thirteen, was just two months older. Ruby, AJ’s other best friend, was eleven months younger.

“So, a pool party with the Carsons it is!” Mom said.

“Y’know, a puppy would be a pretty cool birthday present.” Ryan hinted.

“Maybe,” Mom said, “We’ll think about it.”

“Really?!” Ryan asked. “You're not kidding?”

“I said we’ll think about it.” Mom cautioned.“But even if you did get a puppy, you would be the one who would have to train it and take care of it.” Gram said.

“That’s ok.” He shrugged.

“Have you groomed Cookie yet?” AJ asked Ryan. Ryan’s horse, Cookies ‘n cream, also known as Cookie, was a white appaloosa with black spots.

“No, not yet.” he answered. “I’ll come and help.” She followed him out the door.

As they were walking AJ said, “Y’know that ’we’ll think about it’ usually means of course, right?”

“Duh, of course I do.” He said. He disappeared into the barn, then came out carrying a halter and a bucket of brushes. When they reached the gate, he whistled and Cookie came running. Ryan slid through the rails of the fence.

As he slipped on the halter, he said to Cookie, “Man, you’re dusty!” He patted Cookie’s neck and a cloud of dust came off. AJ opened the gate for Ryan so he could lead Cookie to the hitching post. After she closed the gate, AJ grabbed the bucket and walked over to Ryan and Cookie. AJ took a rubber currycomb and handed it to Ryan.

“If I did get a puppy, would you help me train him?” Ryan asked.

“Sure,” AJ took out a brush for herself. “But only if he’s ours.”

“Never mind, then.” Ryan teased.

After ten minutes of brushing, they finally got all the dust out. AJ walked back to the pasture to open the gate while Ryan untied Cookie and led him into the pasture.

“I hope he doesn’t roll like Dixie did.” AJ said to Ryan as he took off Cookie‘s halter.

“Yeah,” he said as he saw a dirty Dixie, grazing out in the pasture. “It took forever to get all the dust off of Cookie.” Ryan said as he watched Cookie trot off to meet Dixie. Ryan came out and closed the gate, then walked to the barn to put away the brushes and the halter.

When they stepped into the kitchen, Gram and Mom were sipping glasses of strawberry lemonade.

“Which flavors of ice cream do you guys want?” Mom asked.

AJ grinned slyly. “Black licorice and cotton candy.”

“EW! Gross!” Ryan gagged.

AJ laughed, “I’m just kidding!” She smiled.

“How about I pick one, you pick one?” Ryan nodded.

“Mine’s cookies ’n cream.”

“Oh, har har,” AJ shook her head. “Well, we need some chocolate, so I pick chocolate peanut butter.”

Mom and Gram nodded. “Great! The cookies ’n cream and the chocolate peanut butter balance each other.” Mom said.

“Now, since that’s settled, I’m going to go swimming.” AJ said.

“I’ll come too!” Ryan said. AJ and Ryan raced upstairs.

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Sep 09, 2020
by: Willow

I'm really enjoying this story! I like how you put the girls perspective in so well! I can totally relate to her!

Aug 17, 2019
Love it!
by: Warhorse

I really like your story and I think you should continue.

May 17, 2019
Part seven.... finally. sorry :P
by: Violent Brushstroke

Chapter Seven

AJ was stunned. This is what she wanted, right? But something about it just felt wrong. It was too soon.

She pulled back and simultaneously pushed gently on Mark's chest.

"I'm sorry," he says and quickly stands up. AJ got up as well. She walked back over to the pole she had dropped on the ground and picked it back up.
Without saying anything, the two loaded the two jumps into the pickup.

"I'll go get Nikki," Mark mumbled and hurried off to the house. AJ waited outside.

Soon, Nikki and Ryan came out of the house.
"Mark's staying home, I guess," Nikki said as she got into the pickup.

"Oh," AJ said.

"You want to sit up front this time?" Ryan offered.

"No, I'm fine," she said as she climbed into the bed of the truck, amongst the jumps.

"Ok," he shrugged and got in.

When they were on the road, AJ leaned her head back on the window and closed her eyes. The wind blew through her hair and she felt a car pass by them.

She thought about what happened with Mark.

She had thought she had a crush on him. But that kiss somehow was making her rethink it all.

After they had got back home and unloaded the jumps, Nikki headed back.

"I'm going for a ride," AJ calls to Ryan.

"Ok, be safe," he says.

She goes and catches Dixie and swiftly saddles her up. AJ swings herself into the saddle and rides away from the yard.

K everyone, sorry it's not much, but it's all I got at the moment. Please comment, tell me what you think, give me some constructive criticism. I'm also open to some ideas for the story :)

Apr 16, 2019
Love it!
by: Aria

I just saw this as well, and I have to say that I really like it! Please do continue! :D

Apr 15, 2019
by: Violent Brushstroke

Wow, thank you! I'll try to continue!
I loved your story, too :)

Apr 13, 2019
Keep writing
by: Josh

I saw your comment on the Horse n Rider chat and came here. I love the story! Keep writing!!

Nov 25, 2017
to violet Brushstroke
by: claudiahorselovr

If you go to Aroura the Appaloosa I wrote another chapter if you want to read it :)

Nov 21, 2017
Thanks claudia!
by: Violent Brushstroke

I would really really like it if you wrote more in Aurora the appaloosa!

I'll try to write more soon, but I'm writing another book at the moment, soo, yeah.

Nov 19, 2017
ooooo romance! yay!
by: claudiahorselovr

Y'all know I love romance. Mark and AJ are so cute, and I can't wait for America to start winning some rosettes! Keep on writing girlie!

Nov 15, 2017
Hi readers!
by: Author

Just letting everyone know, I'm now going by Violent Brushstroke.

Nov 04, 2017
Part 6
by: Kat

Haha! Two updates in one day! I just couldn't wait! Enjoy! I certainly did writing it.

Chapter Six

She climbed up into the bed and sat against the cab. Mark sat right next to her.

AJ fidgeted, trying to find a position that didn’t press on her tail bone.

"You guys ready?" Nikki called back to them. Mark held up a thumbs-up.

A moment later they were on their way to the Carsons’ house.

The whole ride, AJ tried to keep as far away from Mark, which was hard, because there wasn’t very much space. Luckily, the ride was only ten minutes.

Parked next to the barn, Mark stood up then offered to help AJ up.

"I’m fine." She waved him off.

"You sure?" AJ nodded. He shrugged and jumped down. AJ winced, pulling herself up. She jumped out of the truck, but stumbled and landed in Mark’s arms. She looked up into his ice-blue eyes. She blushed and stood up.

"Sorry," she mumbled. AJ hurried after Nikki into their indoor arena.

She glanced back and saw Mark looking at her. AJ looked forward and hurried her pace.

Inside, seven jumps were set up.

"You can have two." Nikki told her. "Hey Ryan, let’s go see if my mom made brownies," she waved him over. "Let those two do all the work." She ran out, laughing. Ryan followed.

AJ and Mark looked at each other and shrugged.

"We can take those ones." He pointed. AJ walked over and picked up a pole.

As she walked by Mark, she purposely bumped him with the pole.

"Oh, oops! Sorry," She smiled innocently.

"You did that on purpose!" He exclaimed.

"Whatever do you mean?" She batted her eyelashes.

"You better run!" He warned her. AJ dropped the pole and ran, laughing.

Mark chased after her.

"You’ll never catch me!" she laughed an evil laugh.

"Want a bet?" He put on a burst of speed and tackled her. AJ ended up on her back, once again looking up into those beautiful blue eyes. She saw his eyes glance down at her lips.

He leaned down and kissed her.

Nov 04, 2017
Chapter 5
by: Kat

Here you go, guys!

Chapter Five

AJ strode toward the pasture. Inside, she snatched up America’s reins and led her out.

"Put Breeze in the house." She instructed Ryan, mounting America back in the arena. Ryan did as told and walked back to the house with Breeze.
After she rode America a little more, she hopped off.

In the barn, AJ gave the paint a quick brush down then turned her out in the pasture. Standing with her at the gate, Nikki said, "We have a couple extra jumps you could use."

"Really? That’d be awesome!" AJ hugged Nikki.

"Can we go get them now?"

"Sure! Just go ask your parents." Nikki was now sixteen and had her license.

AJ ran inside and found Dad in the living room. He was reading to the toddler sitting in his lap.

"Hey Dad, can Ryan and I go with Nikki to get some jumps? Please?"

"Why do you need jumps?" He asked, a confused look on his face.

"Amer jumped the arena! I fell off but I’m okay."

"What?!" he said, a little loud.

"Daddy," the toddler pointed to the book. "Just a minute, Samantha." Dad set her on the couch and stood up.

"Now, details please." AJ explained all of what happened.

"I want to train her to be a jumping horse." she looked up at Dad.

He was silent for a moment. "You can go with Nikki."

"Yes! Thank you Dad!" She hugged him then darted out the door.

She saw Nikki, Ryan, and Mark, standing next to Nikki’s truck.

"It’s a go!" AJ said, joining them.

"Sweet!" Nikki walked around to the drivers side.

"Shotgun!" Ryan quickly hopped into the truck. AJ groaned inwardly. That meant she’d have to ride in the bed of the truck with Mark.

What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Horrible? I love feedback, so don't be afraid. Also, does anyone know if I can post non-horsey stories? I mean, I love horses, but I have a wolf/fantasy story I'd like to post. What do guys think?

Oct 31, 2017
Chapter 4
by: Kat

Sorry it's so short! comment if you want more!

Chapter Four

AJ landed hard on her tailbone.

Nikki leaped off the rails and rushed to aid her. "Oh my gosh! That was crazy! Are you okay? Wow!" She gushed, helping AJ to her feet. Her face contorted with pain.

"I’m fine."

"Are you sure? It doesn’t look like it." Nikki looked at her.

"My tailbone is just bruised. I’ll be fine."

Ryan raced out of the house. "Are you okay?! I saw America jump the arena. That was crazy!" He grabbed the now-silent dog’s collar.

"I’m fine." AJ repeated. "I just can’t believe she spooked at Breeze." She gestured to the German shepherd. She was sitting and wagging, creating a dust cloud.

"I can’t believe Breeze started barking like that." Ryan glared at the dog.

"She’s only two." AJ said.

"She should know better by now." Ryan snapped.

"You sound just like Dad." AJ rolled her eyes. Her eyes wandered, searching for America. They landed on the paint horse, grazing serenely, inside the pasture.

Mark had followed Ryan out of the house.

"Looks like she’s gonna be a great jumping horse."

He followed AJ’s gaze. She glanced over at him and caught him looking at her. She quickly looked back at America, fighting the blush that threatened to light her face on fire.

Over the past few months, she had started liking Mark (liking-liking.)

Oct 30, 2017
Plzz keep wtiting
by: Horselover06

I love it! It's a really good book.

Oct 29, 2017
Keep writing!
by: Beckiehorselover

Please keep writing! I love your story! It is so good and you are such a good writer! I especially like that it's a Christian story!

Keep up the good work!

Oct 26, 2017
Such a cute name!
by: Hoofbeats

I LOVE the name! And your writing is lovely!

Oct 25, 2017
Chapter 3!
by: Kat

I will try to finish this book, but I've been working on a different one so.... But I will finish it! I hate it when people will get a really good story going then stop writing it! Please comment if you want more! Sorry it's so short!

Chapter Three

Nikki watched the brunette put her foot in the stirrup. She lifted herself up but didn’t swing her leg over the English saddle.

America just flicked her ears, so AJ swung her leg over. The horse started forward, but AJ pulled up on the reins. America held her head high, nostrils flared.

AJ kissed to her and squeezed her legs. She timidly stepped forward, then another. Soon, they were trotting around the arena, AJ posting.

Suddenly, a German shepherd came out of the barn, barking. America reared, but AJ expected it. She leaned forward, with the horse.

When her feet touched the ground, she broke into a gallop, AJ still on her back.

What she didn’t expect was America jumping the arena. America’s hooves touched down on the other side, but AJ lost her balance.

The ground came rushing up to meet her.

Oct 21, 2017
Chapter Two
by: Kat

Sorry for the late update!

AJ dove into the cool, refreshing water of the pool, with Ryan right behind her. After an hour of swimming, Ryan climbed out.

"I think I'm done." He grabbed his towel.

"Aww, you’re no fun." AJ teased.

"It’s been an hour!" He exclaimed.

"I was joking!" She rolled her eyes. "I think I’m done too." She climbed out, grabbing her towel.

Just a little while later, when AJ was sitting in her room, she heard Dad’s truck pull in. A few minutes after that, she heard Gram calling for her to come outside.

AJ walked outside but stopped short. In front of her, Dad was trying to hold on to a squirming foal.

"Happy early birthday, AJ!" He said, grinning.

"What? How? Who?" She walked slowly up to the pair.

"Yesterday, I had gone to Mr. Harlow’s, because one of his mares’ was in labor. She was pretty old, so she didn’t survive." Dad explained.

"None of the other mares would take care of this little girl, and Mr. Harlow said he didn’t have the time to take care of her. So I told him that you would be up for the job." He smiled again. "Sorry for volunteering you without you knowing."

"That’s okay." AJ said, still in shock. "Am I going to have to give her back when she’s older?"
"Mr. Harlow said that wouldn’t be fair, now would it? Make you do all the work and he gets a beautiful filly."

AJ reached out to calm the filly. When she touched her neck, she stopped squirming.

"You’re going to have to feed her at least every two hours." Dad explained.

She nodded and kept stroking the little horse.

"What are you going to name her?" Ryan had joined them. AJ thought for a moment. "America. Because this white spot looks like it." She fingered the white spot on the Paint filly’s shoulder. She had four white socks, going all the way up her back legs, and a large star.

"Cool name." Ryan approved.


"Go get a stall ready." Dad instructed.

AJ ran to the barn and dumped some wood shavings in an empty stall. She had just finished spreading them around, when Dad walked in, carrying the little foal. He set her down in the stall and she laid down in the fresh shavings.

I can’t believe I have a foal! AJ thought.

Two years later...

"America!" AJ spat the dirt out of her mouth and dusted off her jeans. She glared at the horse who stood at the other end of the arena, a western saddle on her back.

"I just don’t get it! I’ve been training her for three months now, and she still hasn’t gotten used to the saddle." She walked over to Nikki, who sat on the wooden rails.

"Maybe you should try an English saddle." She suggested. AJ looked at her horse.

"You know what? I think I will."

Sep 19, 2017
Do it!
by: MKrider

I would LOVE to read more!

Sep 18, 2017
Thanx guys!
by: Kat aka Hoofprints in the Clouds

I can't believe people actually commented! much less that you like it! Thanks for the tips on using paragraphs.

Not sure if I'm going to continue this story.
I had given up on it a long time ago. But if you guys really want me to, I'll try.

From Sydney at

Seems like you have some fans who want to read more. :)

Sep 18, 2017
Really great!
by: Slorider

Hey Kat! You did a great job starting off this story! Please keep writing! I liked it a lot. It held my interest and was a fun storyline. I would have to agree with Sydney though..... maybe try paragraphs next time. Anyways, sweet story! Keep it up. Oh and one more thing; I love that it's christian! Blessings!

Sep 18, 2017
by: MKrider

Nice writing style!

Sep 18, 2017
I agree!
by: Hoofbeats

Nice start! Please write more!

Sep 17, 2017
Nice writing!
by: Sydney from

You're a good writer Kat. (I'd just suggest next time you add paragraphs to make it easier to read.) Nice job!

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