Alyssa and Liberty - Chapter 1

by Kendra
(USA (Idaho))

Alyssa and Liberty

Alyssa and Liberty

It all started one day around four o'clock as I munched on cucumber sticks and sipped some water. Oh, and listened to an interesting conversation between my mom and an equine specialist, Yale Monk. "What? Oh really? I see. Yes, I understand Alyssa had an attachment to the mare, and she's going to be sad, but I'm sure Alyssa will understand. She is going to a stable called The Green Paddock? - Where's that? - * Gasp* you don't say! - Alright, Yale. Bye!" my mom put down the phone. "The Green Paddock! That is only down the road!" I cried, very excited. "You knew?" my mom asked. "Yes, that is where I visit Sea Mist and Sea Bubbles, those two Arabian brothers I knew as foals. And mom, I can visit Dottie there! What will I be sad about? Nothing bad has happened, Right? I love her and she loves me!"
"Slow down! You talk faster than Liberty trots. She would not be suitable for you....because.....because...." "What mom?" I asked jumping up from the table and standing next to her. "She's gone wild!" my mom blurted. "Huh?" I stood there; stock still staring at my mom as if she had told me Liberty had bought a spaceship and had flown to Mars. "I.... I don't believe it! I don't, I don't!" I ran to my room and flopped down on my bed and started... well, it may seem silly, but I started bawling. Sobbing. By the time I had stopped crying, there was a soggy spot on my bed where my face had been. "God," I prayed, looking up at the ceiling, "Please help me get Liberty. Please." I lay down again on my bed and looked at the picture of Liberty on the wall. I was on her back, and we were racing in the pasture as fast as Liberty, a Quarter Horse, could go. I sighed. No one really, truly deserved that beautiful chestnut mare, with her star and four stockings. ''Oh Liberty," I whispered. "I will get you. I will."
I got up, and went into the kitchen. My mom was busy texting someone on her phone. Probably my dad. I went into the mudroom and put my boots and long socks on. I also put on my riding jacket and scarf. Then, I left the house. I got my bike, and pedaled down the road to The Green Paddock. A car whizzed by. It was Yale Monk. He stopped at the stop sign and rolled down his window. Apparently he was waiting for me. I had no choice, so I pulled up beside his window. "Hi....Yale." I said nervously. "U-hmm." He said. He had a stony look on his face, as he looked me up and down... I was in my riding suit. "You aren't thinking of riding or even petting Liberty, are you?" "Who said I was riding Liberty or petting her?" I asked. It may have sounded rude, but that's all I could find to say. "Who says you aren't?" Yale challenged me. "I am visiting Sea Mist and Sea Bubbles, thank you sir." And I rode off. I could hear Yale muttering something about "That girl" as he drove off. I rode to The Green Paddock and I heard horses whinnying to me as I passed. I payed no attention, even when Sea Bubbles nickered with joy as I passed him.
Right away, I parked my bike and hurried to where I knew Dottie would be. I knew she would be with the rascals who were untrained and never would let riders on their backs. She would be penned up and bridled night and day. I walked up to the barn titled; 'The wild and untrained horses stable.' I undid the latch and opened the door. A musty smell greeted me as I opened the door. Stalls were lined up all along the passage way leading to the tack room. Quietly, I slipped in. Some horses were eating, some were dosing, some were trying to crib the cribber, and some were trying to break loose from their stalls. I studied each horse as I came to them. This one is black, and too skinny. Ah, a chestnut one. Oh, wait, it's a stallion. And besides, it's an Arabian. Dun, but exactly Liberty's size. Of course, I shouldn't even consider colors other than chestnut. A Quarter Horse! It's too bad its bay. It looks almost exactly like... I realized this horse's coat was very dirty and caked with mud. It had not been groomed for a several days time. At least a week. I stared at the horse as it scratched its neck with his teeth. I quickly looked between the horse's legs. A mare. Without a moment's thought, I hurried down the passage to the tack room. I prayed, God, let it be unlocked. It was! My heart beat fast as I opened the door and then looked inside. It was very untidy in the room. Brushes and grooming equipment were all over. On the floor, on the shelves, and in the manure bucket. I picked a brush, a hoof pick, and some other brushes for the mane and tail. I also got a sponge to clean the face and nostrils and dock area.
I hurried back down the passage, my treasures clutched tightly in my arms. I got back to the stall where my bay Quarter horse was. I stared at a spot on the bay's neck I had not noticed before, and likely no one else had either, because everyone thought she had actually gone wild.... I stared at the spot. It was a spot, where Yale had given Liberty a shot which had caused her to seemingly go "Wild". I now realized Yale Monk had only wanted an excuse to get rid of Liberty, and not let me see her. I now saw a sign on the front of her stall.

To Go to Slaughter.
Beware of wild horse!

The sign showed a picture of Liberty when she had first came to The Green Pastures, acting wild and looking like she would bite anyone at any minute. "Oh Liberty!" I cried, and the bay turned to me. She perked her ears forward in recognition, and she nickered. Liberty came forward. I scratched her cheek and she whinnied as well as she could with the choke collar on. I patted her cheek and she sighed. She seemed to say, "Oh, Alyssa. I love you. Will you get me away from here, please? They are mean." "Liberty," I said. "I wish I could, but I don't have enough money to get you away. All I know, Is that it takes a lot of money to get you out of this situation. Sorry." Dottie's ears went back and forth, and then settled down to let them rest at the sides. "I know you think there's no hope when you have your ears like that, but I'll try to get you. I will."Liberty's ears went forward, and then she sniffed my face. "I'll groom you, of course!" I cried.
I set to work. I picked off big chunks of mud with my fingers and brushed, and brushed, and brushed! Finally she was a chestnut Quarter Horse, big and beautiful, with her special dots on her withers that had earned her name and her star and four stockings. "Liberty, I love you. And it says in the Bible, that 'A man should lay down his life for his friends' and you are my best friend! So I will try to get you out of this mess. Ok?" I scratched her rump where she loves it. She nickered her appreciation. I had cut off her choke collar with sharp, sharp scissors and she could breathe normally. I decided now would be the time to clean her hooves. "OK girl. I hope you trust me enough to let me clean your hooves." I picked up the hoof pick. Liberty pricked her ears forward and studied the hoof pick. "Poof." She breathed, and she came to me. I let her sniff the hoof pick. Liberty lifted her head and studied the smell with her smelling cells. She snorted and lowered her head. She nodded, and sniffed my face. "Hee hee! Oh, Liberty!" I kissed her nose and then blew into her nostrils, an old Native American trick. Dottie blew back, a sign she knew I was a friend and she trusted me. "I love you too." I whispered, hugging her neck. I cleaned her hooves.
She did not know what to think at first, but she relaxed and let me get on with it. "Good girl Liberty. Easy girl, easy." Liberty pawed with one foot that was especially caked with mud and manure.
I saw a dirty bandage on her left front hoof, the one that she was pawing with. I now knew what had also happened. Another way Yale had made her seemingly go wild was to put a stake in the ground and make her step on it. The pain would make Liberty crazy!
I scratched Liberty on her rump and she stopped pawing. I gave her a carrot I had brought with me, and she chewed on it while I looked at the hoof. It was as I had thought. There was a definite stake hole in the frog of her hoof. She would need surgery to ever be able to gallop, or jump again. "You poor mare!" I said, beginning to cry. I rapped my arms around Liberty's neck and she whinnied sadly.

For whatever reason Yale all of a sudden hated Liberty, and why the people of The Green Paddock stable were being kept in the dark about Liberty, I, Alyssa Fredrickson, was not going to let Yale Monk get away with this.

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May 24, 2019
Write more!
by: Saddlebred

I love this story so much! I really want to see how it unfolds! Please write more!

Sep 20, 2015
by: Eleanor

Super great story!

Jul 20, 2015
Fantastic start
by: Sydney

You have an absolutely fantastic start here.

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