Aliis ranch

by Alex

Clip Clop Clip Clop went the hooves of Alii’s horse. Alii is a 11 year old girl who lives with her mum, Julie just out of Currumbin. Her mum owns Cradle Ranch; Alii spends all her time there. Their house is right next door. Julie teaches kids after school and on weekends from 7-16 years old how to ride. Only Alii and her mum live there. She has 2 dogs, 2 cats and a turtle. She also has 2 lambs, 1 cow, 1 calf and a small pig. There are 16 horses at Cradle Ranch including Alli’s 2 horses, Pogo (boy) and Rusty (girl) and Julie’s horse called Socks (boy). The girl horses at the ranch are Misty, hai, layla, Coco, Dewdrop, Lilo and Penny. The boys are Astro, Oscar, Muppet, Tinny and Conga. When Alii was getting the horses ready for her mum’s class on Wednesday, she noticed that Dewdrop was pale and sick!

“MUM!!!!!!!!” Yelled Alii. She rushed over to the other side of the stables where her mum was doing paperwork. “Come and look at Dewdrop, quick!” Julie was also a horse vet. After Julie checked out dewdrop she said, “You’re going to have to leave this girl alone for a while. I don’t know what’s wrong with her but she is putting on a bit of weight.” At the end of the week, Dewdrop was as fat as a stick of salami! On Saturday, Alii’s best friend, Chelsea came over for a sleep-over. They went for a trail ride up the mountains. Chelsea rode Coco and Alii rode Rusty, “What’s wrong with Dewdrop?” Asked Chelsea, “We don’t know.” Answered Alii. After a couple of weeks, Dewdrop couldn’t move!

One Frosty Sunday, Alii checked Dewdrop again. This time she was REALLY fat! Julie gave her another check up, “I know what’s wrong with Dewdrop. She is having a foal!” said Julie excitingly. “When?” asked Alii. “Very soon!” her mum answered back. “Now the only problem is who’s the father?” While she checked all the male horses at the ranch, Alii got everything ready for the foal.

First, she cleared out an empty stable next to Dewdrop’s and put food, water and oat buckets in it. She put a rug and a blanket in the stable as well. At the end of the day, Julie had tested every male horse at Cradle. “I know who’s the dad!” she yelled, “Its Conga!” “Do we need to do anything to him?” Alii said. “I think we should swap Layla and Conga’s stables around so both Dewdrop and Conga can be next to their foal.” “Good Idea” Alii said in a strict voice. And they got started.

The next weekend, on Saturday morning, Alii went and started to feed her dogs. Julie called her out to Dewdrop’s Stable. There was a beautiful black mustang with golden hair in her stable! They both walked in the stable and sat down. Julie had a look at the weeping baby, “It’s a girl, and she’s all yours.” She whispered to Alii. “I will call her Pixie” Alii told her mum. They gazed at her with delight. Pixie was the first foal ever born at Cradle. That afternoon, Chelsea came over to see the foal, “she’s lovely.” Chelsea said when she saw Pixie. They looked at each other, grinning and both went out to groom the horses. Astro, Tinny and Penny were ready for action so the girls took them for some exercise out in the fields. When they got back, they played with the dogs. “You know what I think we should do.” whispered Alii. “Have some fun!” And they played for the rest of the day.


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Sep 12, 2010
your story
by: Sydney

love it!

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