Aliis Ranch: The Pony Camp

by Alex

Alii gazed out her bedroom window with delight. She looked over all the beautiful horses grazing around Cradle Ranch, the ranch her mum owned. Her little tabby cat Prince jumped up onto her bed and sat on Alii’s lap. Suddenly, a truck pulled up out the front of the ranch. “Their here!” Alii shouted to her mum, who was making breakfast. Alii quickly got dressed and tied her hair in a pony-tail. She met her mum out the front where 2 men were unloading cages from the truck. “Just put them over here thanks.” Julie directed the men. Alii ran up to the cages and looked at all the tiny heads. Today was the day that Julie was getting chickens!

Julie payed the men and Alii ran up to her mum, “You are the best mum ever!’’ She said. They carried the cages to the new chicken pen that Julie made. There were 7 chickens , some white, and some brown as well as 3 chicks. “I think I’ll name you Pepper….” Alex studied the chickens. “Now come on, lets feed the animals and get a move on, Pony Club starts today!” Julie said.

Pony club! Alii had forgot about it! Julie had bought an old house next to theirs that she painted. She put bunk beds in each bedroom and had decided to start a 3 night pony club for girls in the school holidays. Today was the 1st day of the 1st pony club. Alii rushed around, stabled the grazing horses and feed them. She fed her foal, Pixie. She fed all the other animals before returning to the house. She ate brekkie in a flash.

As soon as she had changed into her jodhpurs and polo, she saw the first car arrive at 10am on the dot. A shy looking girl hopped out of the car along with a tall man. Alii ran out to greet them, “Hi I’m Alii and welcome to my home, Cradle Ranch. Whats your name?” “I’m Issy, nice to meet you.” The girl answered. Julie soon joined Alii and introduced herself, “Hi I’m Julie, I will be looking after you during your stay.”

When Issy’s dad left, Other girls turned up too. Meeya, Demi, Elina, Kellie, Sam, Rosie and Tiana were all at pony camp as well as Issy. Julie talked to the girls about the ranch, then they all introduced themselves, telling everyone how much they had ridden. Tiana was a good rider, but not quite an intermediate, Rosie was on her way to owning a horse, but needed more handling skills, she is capable of trotting. Meeya was a beginner who wanted to learn how to saddle a horse. Sam loved going on trail rides but wanted to ride more. Demi was an intermediate. Elina liked to ride but wanted to learn how to do more things. Issy had been doing riding lessons for 6 months but wanted to know more. And Kellie was a beginner like Meeya, as they are sisters.

Next Alii showed the girls around and showed them their rooms and who they would share with. Then, all the girls got excited when they were about to be shown their horses, especially Meeya and Elina, little 7 year olds. The 9 year old and one of the 10 year olds would share. The other 10 year old would share with an 11 year old and 2 12 year olds would share too. The girls all loved their horses.

Elina & Misty
Meeya & Conga
Kellie & Dewdrop
Issy & Layla
Demi & Muppet
Sam & Oscar
Rosie & Astro
Tiana & Hai

Firstly, Julie helped everyone saddle up and when Alii finished saddling one of her horses, Pogo, she helped too. Helmets were fitted and then the lesson began. Everyone was doing laps around the arena when Julie started talking about thinking of ways that the girls could help the horse rescue centre. Alii said they could have a fair to raise money, so that was decided quickly. Everyone then did pole work. Then after some other basic skills, it was lunchtime. Everyone dug into the sandwiches. After lunch it was time for a brainstorm/lecture. First everyone brainstormed things we could do at the fair to raise money. Some games were suggested. Sam said they could charge to spray on temporary tattoos. Demi said she could face paint with the kit she brang. Kellie said there could be a raffle, for a free riding lesson with other prizes. Alii and Issy offered to take kids around for rides. Sam said that there could be a second hand stand where people could buy second hand books and stuff. Everyone agreed on a performance at the end. Julie said she could get her friend, Gabby, from the rescue centre to set up a stall to adopt a horse. And her brother, Derek could come as a supervisor. Alii said that they could let the little kids pat the lambs, calf, pig and chicks as a petting zoo. Tiana said they could make horse shaped biscuits to sell. Julie arranged a location straight away.

There was then a lecture on all the gear to use when riding. Julie used a whiteboard with a picture of a saddle and everyone had to label the different parts. After that everyone started making posters for the pony fair to put up around town and hand out.

That night, the girls all had soup for dinner, along with hot chocolate. Before Alii went to her own room for bed, she went outside with her torch to check on all the animals. She put all the horses back into their stables and turned on the stable lights. She mucked out all the stables and then turned off the light. She fed all the other animals and then went to bed.

The next morning the girls had breakfast and then went to the horses. Julie showed everyone how to groom a horse. Everyone had a go at grooming their own horse. Today, while everyone had a lesson on different types of horses, Alii went for a ride on Rusty around the town to put up the Pony fair posters. She bought some streamers and raffle books for the fair she asked the local shops if they would donate any prizes. In the end she had a $50 grocery voucher, a pair of riding gloves, a stationary kit, a bread hamper and 3 stuffed horse toys.

After lunch everyone got to start a special routine for the fair. Everyone had to start in a straight line. The 2 girls in the middle, Alii and Demi, cantered down the middle and around to the back, while everyone else trotted hold flags. All the girls then had a partner and had to walk around in a small circle. It was then when some of the girls did walking with no hands or stirrups and some girls turned backwards. Then everyone returned to trotting, throwing their hands up as they did. One by one the girls stopped in an ending pose, with the 2 little ones walking around the outside.

All the girls went on a trail ride before dinner. All the girls trotted but only Alii, Issy, Demi and Tiana cantered. It was soon time for dinner, but after dinner everyone got to watch Spirit.

The next morning Alii went to do her chores and then it was time to groom the horses. Everyone practiced their routine and had to create a paired routine for the show. As a treat after the lesson, Alii showed the girls her foal, Pixie, who everyone loved. No one could pat her except Alii as she was only young and only trusted people she knew well.

After lunch, all the girls got to learn how to pick out the horses hooves. Everyone then decided to glam up Penny on the day of the fair to help sell tickets. It was then the afternoon, when everyone got taught how to braid horse’s tails and manes.

That night everyone had some cake after dinner. Everyone then set to work on making the horse biscuits for the fair. It was then bedtime.
Everyone was woken at 6:30am to set up the fair. Everyone took the horses over and tied them to trees. Sam and Julie put up Gazebos everywhere! Alii set up a pen and brought over the animals for the petting zoo. Some girls set up games. Derek and Gabby came and set up the adoption stand. They set up the cookie table, the raffle prizes, The Tattoo stand, Face paint stand, riding booth and second hand booth. Everyone helped to make penny look pretty and they all braided their own horses tails too.
Everyone was so excited!

Soon everyone arrived. There were tons of people, like 200! It was a huge success. Alii and Izzy loved leading little kids down the field on the horses. Julie was in charge of the petting zoo. Gabby said in the end, 29 horses were adopted! Lots of people bought raffle tickets as well. But everyone loved the end performance! Some parents donated money too. In the end, all the cookies were sold and they had raised $401 for the rescue centre!

Everyone was sad to leave the pony club and horses but everyone had had a fabulous time!


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Sep 12, 2010
your story
by: Sydney

good job! keep writing!

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