Alexandra Lady

by HorseMad

“That’s a clear round for Alexandra Green on Pink Lady with a time of 89 seconds. This puts A. Green in 2nd place.” Alexandra cantered the perimeter of the arena on her 9 year old skewbald mare, Pink Lady.

The 3 day event was coming to a close, with only the dressage phase left the following day. Alex had smashed everyone in the Cross-Country phase yesterday, coming 1st with a time gap of 23 seconds between 1st and 2nd place.

Today, in the Show-Jumping phase, she had just scraped 1st place, with her biggest rival, Daisy King coming in 2nd place with 92 seconds. Daisy had an ex-racehorse, Toby, who was a whizz at show jumping, but Pink Lady was even faster. This had made Daisy angry. She had glared at Alex and had ridden so close to Pink Lady that she had spooked, unbalancing Alex so that she flung forwards over her pony’s neck.

Alex quickly regained balance and calmed her pony down. She dis-mounted, ran the stirrups up and loosened the girth before slipping the reins over Pink’s neck and leading her to her loose-box. Alex undid the girth and pulled the £250 show-jumping saddle off her horse’s back.

She hung it on the saddle rack and put the girth back over the top of the saddle. She undid the buckles on the throat-lash and cheek-piece, before gently sliding the bridle off her pony and picked up Pink’s stable rug and did up the buckles on it. She filled up the haynet before leaving her in the box. She picked up the bridle and hooked it on the peg outside, then Alex gave Pink a carrot and left the loose-box.

Back in her hotel room, Alex had a long shower, before stepping into a fluffy white towel. She quickly got dried and got her blue horsey pyjama’s on. She turned the television on and got out some cookies. After 47 minutes, she got up, and climbed into bed at 8:23.

Alex woke up with a start. She had heard a shrill neighing sound in her dream. Alex’s instincts had kicked in. Her mind knew Pink Lady was in trouble. She leapt out of bed, and yanked open the curtains. Her eyes caught on a shadow moving next to Pink’s stable. She fixed her eyes on the mysterious figure.

Alex heaved on her riding boots and the knitted cardigan her Aunt had made for her. She unlocked the door, ran down the flight of tiled stairs, and crept over to the stables. “Quick, someone’s here!” Alex looked up suddenly. She instantly saw a figure that she recognised. Daisy King.

Inside Pink Lady’s stable, Alex leant in and smelt Pink’s comforting horsey smell. She ran her hands over her horse’s body, checking of no injuries. It came as a relief to her when the only thing different to how she’d left Pink was that the water bowl had gone. But then, out of the corner of her eye, Alex saw something that really disturbed her. Daisy was still there. She pretended not to notice. She turned away and fluently slipped the head-collar on over Pink’s head.

She led Pink out of the stable, aware Daisy was following her and watching her every move.
Alex did not know where to take Pink to safety. She could not go anywhere as Daisy was following her. Afraid and nervous, Alex decided to take her to the ménage, where she would spend some ‘quality time’ for a while to see where Daisy would go if she did move.

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Oct 31, 2012
Awesome Work!
by: Shine

You did an amazing job with this! Just one question, who's Daisy??

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