Aiming High

by Jazzy

jordan and duck

jordan and duck

Jordan's phone buzzed in her pocket as she and Elle rode their horses down the bridle path. She sighed and halted her horse Duck.

"Wait up Elle, gotta answer my phone!" She sighed taking her phone out of her pocket as it rung in a demented fashion.

"Yeah mum?" She asked.

"You need to come home now, dinner will be ready soon."

"What?? Me and Elle have only just got on the trail!! I can't waste a day like this!!!"

"Look, I need you home now OK? Text me when you get on your bike. I'd leave Duck in her stable, it's a bit cold and I still haven't got you that new rug yet."

"Mum.. There will not be days like this because its the middle of winter!!! Duh!! And I wanted to ride before we left for Spain!! This is gonna take a lot of making up." She grumbled, stabbing the end call button on her phone.

"Grrrrr....Gotta go home, my mum said so."

"Awww.... OK, do you want me to put Duck away for you??" asked Elle.

"No, its OK. I want to say goodbye to her."

After unlocking her bike lock, Jordan went to say goodbye to Duck. She wouldn't see her in Spain!!!

"Bye Duck, I won't see ya for awhile. I'm going on a holiday!! Elle`s gonna look after you til I get back OK?" She smiled and gave Duck the bit of carrot she'd been saving.

Little did she know it was the last time she would see her horse... alive.

A preview of the next part:

She wiped the tears off of the picture of Duck.
"Nothing's the same. You don't understand. It's not your horse that died."

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