Aiming High - Part 2

by Jazzy

rocky and jordan

rocky and jordan

"No mum, it's this one. TURN!!!"

"Are you sure? We normally go down the motorway."

"NO!! That's when you take Duck to the vet!! duh!!"

"OK, OK..." sighed Jordan's mum as she turned down a country lane. As soon as Jordan got out of the car the first thing she saw was Elle exercising Duck in the outdoor school.

Her mum barely had time to unlock the car before Jordan jumped out to greet duck and Elle. As she raced to meet them she knocked over a stack of bicycles. It didn't spook Duck but when the bikes owner shouted at Jordan, Duck bolted. She galloped headfirst towards a car with Elle on her!! Luckily for Elle, she managed to throw herself off in time...but Duck wasn't so lucky.

She wiped the tears off of the picture of Duck.

"Nothing's the same. You don't understand. It's not your horse that died."

"I know...she meant the world to you, but I have some news."

"Why does that change anything? News isn't going to bring Duck back!!"

"No, I know darling but since you qualified for that big show.. we bought you another horse."

"Without me?"

"Yes, but she's a fantastic horse. Look."

Outside of her house, her dad was unloading a horse. Her coat was a gleaming chestnut and she moved smoothly.on the stable door the brass plate said `rocky`.

After a week of riding her, Jordan knew that she and rocky would go far. But she would go further than she thought.

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