AHHHHHHH!!!!!! The Auction's Soon!!!!

by Sarah (horseluver4evernever)

Okay, so my barn that I ride at is having a horse auction!!! I'm really scared because there's a bunch of great horses being sold and I don't want them to be sold to a slaughterhouse!

The thing is the owner of the barn I ride at owns two barns across the street from each other. But my favorite horse, Timothy, lives at the barn that the auction's being held at.

I mean he's not in the auction but someone may walk down the barn, see him and then offer to buy him. I'm scared that this will happen and the auctions in two weeks!! My mom loves Timmi ( my nickname for him!) and I asked her if we buy him but she said we just can't afford him, (board's like 750$ a month. I can only afford like two months by myself!)

So I asked my parents if I could lease him but someone can still buy him. I'm really scared that someone will buy him. He's my favorite horse and I couldn't stand to see him go. I am showing him this summer and I love him so much!!!:,(

I love him so much and that horse is amazing. I think that I would cry for a long time if he leaves. I'm so sad!!!

I'm sorta getting myself really worried and I will ask this weekend if they will bring all the horses in the auction to one barn and the ones that are in it to the other barn, then I'll be fine... :)

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Apr 29, 2018
by: Horsehelp

Get to the barn early and then take him to the paddock at the far side where no one will see him. Hope this helps!

Apr 12, 2015
by: AtheHorseGentler

I am probably too late on this one but I hope everything went okay!! I am having a similar problem myself!! And the story goes like this - I wanted to train horses at first but now I want to help them like going to an auction and buying a cheap horse that is going to slaughter and get him back to health and sell him and make a profit!!

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