by horsefeathers

The white van leaves my family's farm, I am crying uncontrollably for I know I will never see him again.

That night I have an awful dream, he is in a stable and there is smoke and his new owner is laughing uncontrollably, like he set the fire.

I scream as I hear my own horse's scream, my dad comes running in, he has his own way of comforting me but tonight all I needed was him.

I decided I will never speak to my father again I didn't know he could sell him, I didn't know he had the heart to do that to me.

To bad my mom is not here.

It's raining and my instinct is telling me to tell my dad how I feel but I can't.

On my birthday my dad brings the most special thing in the world.

And after I thank my dad a million times I take a long bare back gallop. I feel like I am in heaven. I am finally on him.

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