Adventures in the wild: Rusty's story

by Chloe Ann

Photo credit: fcovaquero via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: fcovaquero via I'd Pin That

Rain poured from the sky as owners frantically rushed their horses into the stable. On the news that morning, the weather man's forecast was stormy. The only horses that were to stay outside were Rusty, a sorrel yearling, and his mother, Wildfire, a black thoroughbred mare.

Rusty was going crazy next to his mom under a darkened sky. He galloped around the pasture a few times before attempting to jump a broken piece of fence, landing on the other side, and rushing toward the mountains, where real danger awaited.

He set out to find an old bridge he remembered crossing on his daily walks with Abigail. It felt as if he had already walked a day, but knowing he hadn't, continued to push on. He found a path, and began to follow it.

The rain began to stop, and colt turned, thinking he should go back, but realized that he had strayed off the path. He panicked and raced to where he thought home was. He ran and ran, until he couldn't run any longer. He breathed heavily, and tried to lie down. He fell asleep.

When he woke, he noticed something that resembled his name. A bridge! If he could pull himself up, he could find his way home. He couldn't run anymore, so he decided to walk. In the distance, he saw a hanging sign that read, 'Lucky Horseshoe Stable' He was home.

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