Adventures in horse riding pt 2 TRUE STORIES!

by Rienne

It was hot outside this time, all the way up in Ohio on Vacation. I waited while my relatives tacked up Recall. He was being giddy today. When I finally got on him, I couldn't have any power! Last time I had ridden him (too embarrassing to repeat), I had to use a crop! He had also started galloping and did a fancy western reining stop (They hurt if you don't expect them). I had the crop in hand, just in case. I then whispered to him, "Recall, I'm ready for you, and I'm in charge today." I thought about how good at this I was, and I just knew that I could ride Mr. Bossy today! I squeezed him into a walk, and warmed him up. After a bit, I practiced post trotting. It was so bumpy, but the walk was to slow. I ached to go as fast as my Uncle and Cousin were going! As if he understood me, Recall started loping. He loped three steps before I stopped him. "Not today, buddy." I sighed. I bumped him back into a trot. Then, just to see what would happen, I squeezed again. He began to lope, this time, eight steps. I stopped him, but when I realized that it was so much fun, and not scary at all, we were loping the rest of the daylight hours. (which was about 20 minutes) We loped and loped and loped, and I was loving it! I gave him constant breaks, even though he's a Quarter Horse. After I rode him, I helped him cool down, and hugged him goodbye. (p-yew!) Recall is one of the best horses, because he trains you. (that is a good thing in horses) I know I learned a lot from him!

What I learned from riding Recall: Confidence is the only way to ride.

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